Evans, Dwight L.

Treating and Preventing Adolescent Mental Health Disorders : What We Know and What We Don't Know

Evans, Dwight L. - Treating and Preventing Adolescent Mental Health Disorders : What We Know and What We Don't Know, ebook


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Introduction Dwight L. Evans and Martin E.P. Seligman
Part I. Depression and Bipolar Disorders
Commission on Adolescent Depression and Bipolar Disorders
1. Defining Depression and Bipolar Disorders
2. Treatment of Depression and Bipolar Disorders
3. Prevention of Depression and Bipolar Disorders
4. Research Agenda for Depression and Bipolar Disorders
Part II. Schizophrenia
Commission on Adolescent Schizophrenia
5. Defining Schizophrenia
6. Treatment of Schizophrenia
7. Prevention of Schizophrenia
8. Research Agenda for Schizophrenia
Part III. Anxiety Disorders
Commission on Adolescent Anxiety Disorders
9. Defining Anxiety Disorders
10. Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
11. Prevention of Anxiety Disorders
12. Research Agenda for Anxiety Disorders
Part IV. Eating Disorders
Commission on Adolescent Eating Disorders
13. Defining Eating Disorders
14. Treatment of Eating Disorders
15. Prevention of Eating Disorders
16. Research Agenda for Eating Disorders
Part V. Substance Use Disorders
Commission on Adolescent Substance and Alcohol Abuse
17. Defining Substance Use Disorders
18. Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
19. Prevention of Substance Use Disorders
20. Research Agenda for Substance Use Disorders
Part VI. Youth Suicide
Commission on Adolescent Suicide Prevention
21. Defining Youth Suicide
22. Universal Approaches to Youth Suicide Prevention
23. Targeted Youth Suicide Prevention Programs
24. Preventive Interventions and treatments for Suicidal Youth
25. Research Agenda for Youth Suicide
Part VII. Beyond Disorder
Commission on Positive Youth Development
26. The Positive Perspective on Youth Development
Part VIII. Summary of Conclusions, Recommendations, Priorities
27. Stigma
David L. Penn, Abigail Judge, Patrick Jamieson, Joyce Garczynski, Michael Hennesy, and Daniel Romer
28. The Research, Policy, and Practice Context for Delivery of Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatments for Adolescents: A Systems Perspective, Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood
29. Challenges in the Treatment of Adolescent Substance Use Disorders: A Systems Perspective, Kathleen Meyers and A. Thomas McLellan
30. The Role of Primary Care Physicians in the Detection and Treatment of Adolescent Mental Health Problems, Daniel Romer and Mary McIntosh
31. The Role of School Mental Health Professionals in the Delivery of Care to Adolescents with Mental Health Conditions, Danial Romer and Mary McIntosh
32. Conclusion: Policy Issues/Call to the Nation Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Daniel Romer

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