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Handbook of Adult Development and Learning

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Part I - Foundations
1. Growing a Discipline at the Borders of Thought, Carol Hoare
2. Learning and Development: The Connection in Adulthood, Sharan B. Merriam and M. Carolyn Clark
3. Research Design and Methodological Issues for Adult Development and Learning, Grace I.L. Caskie and Sherry L. Willis
Part II - Do Development and Learning Fuel One Another in Adulthood?: Four Key Areas
4. The Development of Reflective Judgment in Adulthood, Karen Strohm Kitchener, Patricia M. King, and Sonia DeLuca
5. Intellectual Development Across Adulthood, K. Warner Schaie and Faika A.K. Zanjani
6. Emotional Development in Adulthood: A Developmental Functional Review and Critique, Nathan S. Consedine and Carol Magai
7. Motivation and Interpersonal Regulation Across Adulthood: Managing the Challenges and Constraints of Social Contexts, Frieder R. Lang and Jutta Heckhausen
Part III - The Self-System in Adult Development and Learning
8. Self-efficacy and Adult Development, Daniel Cervone, Daniele Artistico, and Jane M. Berry
9. Autonomy and Self-Directed Learning: A Developmental Journey, Kathleen Taylor
10. Adult Development, Learning, and Insight Through Psychotherapy: The Cultivation of Change and Transformation, Melvin E. Miller
Part IV - The Higher Reaches of Adult Development and Learning
11. Creativity Through the Life Span From an Evolutionary Systems Perspective, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Jeanne Nakamura
12. Illuminating Major Creative Scientific Innovators with Postformal Stages, Michael Lamport Commons and Linda Marie Bresette
13. Laughing at Gilded Butterflies: Integrating Wisdom, Development, and Learning, Caroline L. Bassett
14. Spiritual Development in Adulthood: Key Concepts and Models, Ronald R. Irwin
Part V - Essential Contexts for the Learning, Developing Adult
15. Effects of Children on Adult Development and Learning: Parenthood and Beyond, Jack Demick
16. Work as the Catalyst of Reciprocal Adult Development and Learning: Identity and Personality, Carol Hoare
17. The Importance of Feeling Whole: Learning to Feel Connected, Community, and Adult Development, Jan D. Sinnott and Debra Berlanstein
18. Culture, Learning, and Adult Development, Heidi Keller and Anne Werchan
Part VI - Adult Development and Learning, Measured and Applied
19. The Meaning and Measurement of Conceptual Development in Adulthood, Theo L. Dawson-Tunik
20. Advanced Avenues in Adult Development and Learning: The Role of Doctoral Study, Judith Stevens-Long and Robert Barner
21. The Evolution of Professional Competence, Garrett McAuliffe
22. Adult Holistic Development and Multidimensional Performance, Glen Rogers, Marcia Mentkowski, and Judith Reisetter Hart

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