Brown, Ronald T.

Comprehensive Handbook of Childhood Cancer and Sickle Cell Disease : A Biopsychosocial Approach

Brown, Ronald T. - Comprehensive Handbook of Childhood Cancer and Sickle Cell Disease : A Biopsychosocial Approach, ebook


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Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction: Why the Need for a Comprehensive Handbook on Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology/Hematology, Ronald T. Brown
2. Cancer and Blood Disorders in Childhood: Biopsychosocial Developmental Issues in Assesment and Treatment, F. Daniel Armstrong
Part II. The Cancer Experience "On Treatment"
3. Stress and Coping in the Pediatric Cancer Experience, Mary Jo Kupst and Kristin Bingen
4. Familial Issues When a Child is on Treatment for Cancer, Melissa Alderfer and Anne E. Kazak
5. Psychosocial and Behavioral Issues in Stem Cell Transplantation, Sean Phipps
6. Peer, Friendship Issues and Emotional Well-Being, Bernard Fuemmeler, Larry Mullins, and Melissa Y. Carpenter
7. Pain and Procedure Management, Paola Conte and Gary Walco
8. Adherence to Treatment Demands, Michael Rapoff, Ph.D., Anne McGrath, and Stephen Smith
9. Quality of Life in Childhood Cancer: Meaning, Methods and Missing Pieces, Rachel B. Levi
10. Spirituality, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine, Cynthia Myers, Margaret Stuber, and Lonnie Zeltzer
11. A Goodness-of-Fit Ethic for Informed Consent to Pediatric Cancer Patients, Celia Fisher and Jessica K. Masty
12. Problem-Solving Skills for Mothers of Children with Newly Diagnosed Cancer, Ollie Jane Z. Sahler, Diane Fairclough, Ernest Katz, James Varni, Sean Phipps, Raymond Mulhern, Michael J. Dolgin, Donna R. Copeland, and W. Lewis Johnson
Part III. Cancer Late Effects "Off Treatment"
13. Psychological and Social Effects of Surviving Childhood Cancer, Anna Marsland, Linda Ewing, and Amanda Thompson
14. Neuropsychological Late Effects, Raymond Mulhern and Robert W. Butler
15. Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Growth in Childhood Cancer Survivors and Their Parents, Margaret L. Stuber
16. Interventions for Cancer Late Effects and Survivorship, Robert W. Butler and Donna R. Copeland
17. Maximizing School, Academic, and Social Outcomes in Children and Adolescents with Cancer, Ernest Katz and Avi Madan-Swain
Part IV. Palliative Care and End of Life Issues
18. Issues in Palliative Care, David J. Bearison
19. Loss and Grief, Joanna Breyer, Aurora Sanfeliz, Cori E. Cieurzo, and Eugene Meyer
Part V. Prevention of Primary and Secondary Malignancies
20. Genetic Issues, Andrea Farkas Patenaude and Katherine Schneider
21. Smoking Cessation, Vida L. Tyc
22. Health Promotion and Primary Prevention of Cancer, Dawn K. Wilson and Sarah F. Griffin
Part VI. Sickle Cell Disease
23. Biopsychosocial and Developmental Issues Related to Sickle Cell Disease, Kathryn Gustafson, Melanie J. Bonner, Kristina Hardy, and Robert J. Thompson, Jr.
24. Neuropsychological Aspects of Sickle Cell Disease, Jeffrey Schatz and Eve Puffer
25. Psychosocial Adaptation of Children and Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease, Lamia Barakat, Laurie A. Lash, Meredith J. Lutz, and D. Colette Nicolaou
26. Family Systems Issues in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease, Jerilynn Radcliffe, Lamia Barakat, and Rhonda C. Boyd
27. Issues in Pain Management of Sickle Cell Disease, Nicole F. Swain, Monica J. Mitchell, and Scott W. Powers
Part VII. Training, Funding, and Collaborative Endeavors
28. Training in Pediatric Psychosocial Hematology/Oncology, Daniel L. Clay and T. David Elkin
29. Research Opportunities and Collaborative Multi-Site Studies in Psychosocial Hematology/Oncology, Stanley Whitsett, F. Daniel Armstrong, and Brad H. Pollock
Part VIII. A Prospective and Retrospective View of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
30. A Prospective and Retrospective View of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

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