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Handbook of Psychobiography

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Section One. How to Write a Psychobiography
Chapter 1. Introducing Psychobiograpy, William
Todd Schultz
Chapter 2. Evolving Conceptions of Psychobiography and the Study of Lives: Encounters with Psychoanalysis, Personality Psychology, and Historical Science, William McKinley Runyan
Chapter 3. How to Strike Psychological Paydirt in Biographical Data, William Todd Schultz
Chapter 4. What Psychobiographers Might Learn from Personality Psychology, Dan P. McAdams
Chapter 5. If the Glove Fits: Choosing a Theory in Psychobiography, Alan C. Elms
Chapter 6. How to Critically Evaluate Alternative Explanations of Life Events: The Case of Van Gogh, William M. Runyan
Chapter 7. Multiple Case Psychobiography: Method and Theory, Kate Isaacson
Chapter 8. Diane Arbus' Photographic Autobiography: Method and Theory Applied, William Todd Schultz
Section Two. A Psychobiograpy of Artists
Chapter 9. Nothing Alive Can Be Calculated: The Psychobiographical Study of Artists, William Todd Schultz
Chapter 10. Twelve Ways to Say 'Lonesome': Assessing Error and Control in the Music of Elvis Presley, Alan C. Elms & Bruce Heller
Chapter 11. Mourning, Melancholia, and Sylvia Plath, William Todd Schultz
Chapter 12. Margaret's Smile, Dan Ogilvie
Chapter 13. Edith Wharton and Ethan Frome: A Psychobiographical Exploration, James Anderson
Section Three. Psychobiography of Psychologists
Chapter 14. The Psychobiographical Study of Psychologists, James Anderson
Chapter 15. Freud as Leonardo: Why the First Psychobiography Went Wrong, Alan C. Elms
Chapter 16. Four, Two, or One? Gordon Allport and the Unique Personality, Nicole Barenbaum
Chapter 17. Nietzsche's Madness, Kyle Arnold & George Atwood
Chapter 18. Erikson and Psychobiography, Psychobiography and Erikson, Irving Alexander
Chapter 19. From the Book of Mormon to the Operational Definition: The Existential Project of S.S. Stevens, an Nicholson
Section Four. Psychobiography of Political Figures, Alan C. Elms & Anna V. Song
Chapter 21. Osama Bin Laden: The Sum of All Fears, Anthony Dennis
Chapter 22. In His Father's Shadow: George W. Bush and the Politics of Personal Transformation, Stanley Renshon
Chapter 23. Elusion, Illusion, and Kim Jong Il, Anna V. Song
Chapter 24. Psychobiography in Context: Predicting the Behavior of Tyrants, Betty Glad

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