Boken, Vijendra K.

Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought : A Global Study

Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought : A Global Study


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Foreword by Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization
Forward by Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization
1. Agricultural Drought and its Monitoring and Prediction: Some Concepts, Vijendra K. Boken
2. Drought Related Characteristics of Important Cereal Crops, Keith T. Ingram
3. Monitoring Agricultural Drought using El Nino and Southern Oscillation Data, Lino Naranjo Diaz
4. Techniques to Predict Agricultural Droughts, Zekai Sen and Vijendra K. Boken
5. Drought Monitoring Using Coarse-Resolution Polar-Orbiting Satellite Data, Assaf Anyamba, Compton J. Tucker, Alfredo R. Huete, and Vijendra K. Boken
6. NOAA/AVHRR Satellite Data Based Indices for Monitoring Agricultural Droughts, Felix N. Kogan
7. Passive Microwaves Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture and Regional Drought Monitoring, Thomas J. Jackson
8. Active Microwaves Systems for Drought Stress Monitoring, Anne M. Smith, Klaus Scipal, and Wolfgang Wagner
9. Drought Monitoring in the United States: Status and Trends, Donald A. Wilhite, Mark D. Svoboda, and Michael J. Hayes
10. Agricultural Droughts in North-Central Mexico, J. Alfredo Rodriguez-Pineda, Lorrain Giddings, Hetor Gadsden, and Vijendra K. Boken
11. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for the West Indies, A. Anthony Chen, Trevor Falloon, and Michael Taylor
12. Agricultural Drought Phenomenon In Latin America With Focus On Brazil, Orivaldo Brunini, Pedro Leite Da Silva Dias, Alice M. Grimm, Eduardo Delgado Assad, and Vijendra K. Boken
13. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Poland, Z. Bochenek, K. Dabrowska-Zielinska, A.Ciolkosz, S. Drupka, and V.K. Boken
14. Agricultural Drought Monitoring in Mainland Portugal, Fatima Espirito Santo, Rita Guerreiro, Vanda Cabrinha Pires, Luis E. V. Pessanha, and Isabel M. Gomes
15. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Russia, A. D. Kleschenko, E. K. Zoidze, and V.K. Boken
16. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for the Near East, Eddy De Pauw
17. Agricultural Droughts in Ethiopia, Engida Mersha and Vijendra K. Boken
18. Agricultural Drought Monitoring: The Case of Kenya, L. A. Ogallo, S. B. Otengi, P. Ambenje, W. Nyakwada , and F. Githui
19. Drought Monitoring Techniques for Famine Early Warning Systems in Africa, J. Rowland, J. Verdin, A.. Adoum, and G. Senay
20. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Southern Africa, L. S. Unganai and T. Bandason
21. Harnessing Radio and Internet Systems to Monitor and Mitigate Agricultural Droughts in Rural African Communities, Marion Pratt, Macol Stewart Cerda, Mohammed Boulahya, and Kelly Sponberg
22. Livestock Early Warning System for Africa Rangelands, Jerry W. Stuth, Jay Angerer, Robert Kaitho, Abdi Jama, and Raphael Marambii
23. Agricultural Drought Monitoring and Management in India, A.S. Rao and V.K. Boken
24. Agricultural Droughts in Bangladesh, Ahsan U. Ahmed, A. Iqbal, and A.M. Choudhury
25. A Drought Warning System for Thailand, Apisit Eiumnoh, Rajendra P. Shrestha, and Vijendra K. Boken
26. Agricultural Droughts in Indonesia, Rizaldi Boer and A.R. Subbiah
27. Agricultural Droughts in Vietnam, Nguyen van Viet and Vijendra K. Boken
28. Monitoring Agricultural Droughts in China, Guoliang Tian and Vijendra K. Boken
29. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Australia, K. A. Day, K. G. Rickert, and G. M. McKeon
30. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for South Korea, H. Ryong Byun, S. Young Hong, and Vijendra K. Boken
31. World Meteorological Organization and Agricultural Droughts, M.V.K. Sivakumar
32. Food and Agriculture Organization and Agricultural Drought, Elijah Mukhala
33. International Activities Related to Dryland Degradation Assessment and Drought Early Warning, Ashbindu Singh
34. Climate Change, Global Warming, and Agricultural Droughts, Gennady V. Menzhulin, Sergey P. Savvateyev, Arthur P. Cracknell, and Vijendra K. Boken

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