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Handbook of Community-Based Clinical Practice

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I. Introduction and Model of Practice
1. What Is Community-Based Clinical Practice?: Traditions and Transformations, Phebe Sessions and Anita Lightburn
2. Community-Based Clinical Practice: Recreating the Culture of Care, Anita Lightburn and Phebe Sessions
II. Paradigm Shift and System Essentials
3. In the Care of Strangers, Ann Weick
4. A Paradigm Shift in Developmental Perspectives?: The Self in Context, Dennis Saleebey
5. Ideas of Self and Community: Expanding Possibilities for Practice, Carol R. Swenson
6. A Communal Perspective for Relational Therapies, Lynn Hoffman
7. Toward Critical Social Practices: Hermeneutics, Poetics, and Micropolitics in Community Mental Health, Marcelo Pakman
8. Culturally Competent Community-Based Practice: A Critical Review, Maria D. Corwin
9. Similarity and Difference in Cross-Cultural Practice: An Anthropological Perspective, Catherine Nye
10. The Road to Becoming an Anti-Racism Organization, Susan E. Donner and Joshua Miller
11. Family and Network Training for A System Of Care: "A Pedagogy Of Hope," Mary E. Olson
12. Evaluating Community-Based Clinical Practice, Martha Morrison Dore and Anita Lightburn
III. The Leadership Journey in Community-Based Clinical Practice: Practice, Theory and Policy
13. The Network Context of Network Therapy: A Story from the European Nordic North, Tom Andersen
14. Unitas: Therapy for Youth in a Street Society, Edward P. Eismann
15. Pathways to Reforming Children's Mental Health Service Systems: Public and Personal, Judith C. Meyers
16. The Development of a Community-Based System of Care, Susan C. Ayers and D. Russell Lyman
IV. Practice Examples
A. Early Intervention and Family Support
17. Family of Friends: Creating a Supportive Day Care Community to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect, Martha Morrison Dore, Nancy Feldman, Amy Winnick Gelles
18. Developing a Community-Based Model for Integrated Family Center Practice, Chris Warren-Adamson and Anita Lightburn
19. Children and HIV: A Model of Home-Based Mental Health Treatment, Sandra Gossart-Walker and Robert A. Murphy
B. School-Based Practice
20. Partners for Success: Ten Years of Collaboration Between a School for Social Work and an Urban Public School System, Phebe Sessions and Verba Fanolis
21. School-Based Clinical Practice and School Reform: Application of Clinical Social Work to the School Development Program, Joanne Corbin
22. Social Work and the "Community of Concern" in an Urban American Public Elementary School: An Interim Report, E. Martin Schotz, Ruth Grossman Dean, and Jane Crosby
23. School-Based Psychoeducational Groups on Trauma Designed to Decrease Reenactment, Ann Marie Glodich, Jon G. Allen, Jim Fultz, George Thompson, Cindy Arnold-Whitney, Cheri Varvil, and Chris Moody
C. Community-Based Mental Health Services for Children and Families
24. Working With High-Risk Children and Families in Their Own Homes: An Integrative Approach to the Treatment of Vulnerable Children, Jean Adnopoz
25. The Ecology of Intensive Community-Based Intervention, D. Russell Lyman, and Borja Alvarez de Toledo
26. Creating a Community of Care for Seriously Emotionally Distressed Youth: The Mott Haven Initiative, a System of Care Experience, Katherine Gordy Levine
27. Police-Mental Health Collaboration on Behalf of Children Exposed to Violence: The Child Development-Community Policing Program Model, Stephen Marans and Miriam Berkman
28. It Takes a Community to Help an Adolescent: Community-Based Clinical Services for Immigrant Adolescents, Roni Berger
29. The Neighborhood Place: An Alternative Mental Health Program, Paula Armbruster, Laura Ewing, Virginia DeVarennes, Abigail Prestin, Lisa Lochner, Ursula Chock, and Saglar Bougdaeva
B. Community Mental Health for Adults
30. Recovery Guides: An Emerging Model of Community-Based Care for Adults With Psychiatric Disabilities, Larry Davidson, Janis Tondora, Martha Staeheli, Maria O'Connell, Jennifer Frey, Matthew J. Chinman
31. Open Dialogue Integrates Individual and Systemic Approaches in Serious Psychiatric Crises, Jaakko Seikkula
32. Gjakova: The First Community Mental Health Center in Kosovo, Ellen Pulleyblank-Coffey, James Griffith, and Jusuf Ulaj
33. Critical Incident Debriefings and Community-Based Clinical Care, Joshua Miller

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