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Handbook of Primary Care Psychology

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Part I. The discipline of primary care psychology
1. Primary care, psychology, and primary care psychology, Leonard J. Haas & Frank V. DeGruy
2. Establishing a practice in primary care, H. Russell Searight, James W. Price & Jennifer Gafford
3. Psychological assessment in primary care settings, John C. Linton
4. Models of integrative care in primary care settings, Danny Wedding & Mark Mengel
Part II. The primary care medical specialties
5. Family medicine, A. Peter Catinella & Jennifer Leiser
6. Internal medicine, Frederic Platt
7. Pediatrics, Barbara Korsch, Alex Chen & Sara M. Lewis
8. Obstetrics-Gynecology, David Turok & Jennifer VanHorn
Part III. Perspectives and Issues
9. Developmental Perspectives, Jerome Kagan
10. Interpersonal and family systems perspectives, David Waters & Nina Ross
11. Cultural perspectives, Leonard J. Haas & Geri-Ann Galanti
12. The nature and psychology of suffering, Eric Cassell
13. Hope and hopelessness, C.R. Snyder, Kristin K Wrobleski, Stacy C. Parenteau, & Carla J. Berg
14. Health behavior change and the problem of "non-compliance", Carlo C. DiClemente, Kevin Ferentz, & Mary M. Velasquez
15. Mindful practice for clinicians and patients, Shelley H. Carson & Ellen J. Langer
Part IV. Clinical Conditions
16. Alcoholism, substance abuse & prescription drug abuse, Gerard J. Connors & Scott H. Stewart
17. Anxiety disorders, Jeanne L. Esler, Risa B. Weisberg, Christopher N. Sciammana & Beth c. Bock
18. Attention deficit hyperactivity in children and adults, Douglas G. Kondo & John S. March
19. Back pain, Akiko Okifuji & Trish Palmer
20. Cancer and Oncology, Tiffany Tibbs & Kathleen L. Tarr
21. Dementia and late life depression, Christopher M. Callahan, Mary G. Austrom, & Frederick W. Unverzagt
22. Depression and mood disorders, Kenneth E. Freeland, Robert M. Carney, & Judith A. Skala
23. Diabetes, Russell E. Glasgow & Paul A. Nutting
24. Domestic violence, L. Kevin Hamberger & Darshana Patel
25. Eating disorders, Barbara Cuic & Daniel Bluestein
26. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome, Laurence A. Bradley, Graciela S. Alarcon, Leanne R. Cianfrini & Nancy L. McKendree-Smith
27. Grief and end-of-life care, Scott T. Michael, Julia Kasl-Godley, Steven Lovett & Antonette M. Zeiss
28. Heart disease and essential hypertension, Timothy W. Smith & Kelly M. Glazer
29. Infertility: Understanding and treating couples struggling with infertility, Margot Weinshel, Mimi Meyers & Constance N. Scharf
30. Irritable bowel syndrome and other functional gastrointestinal disorders, Charles K. Burnett & Douglas A. Drossman
31. Menopause, Laura A. Czajkowski & Kirtly Parker Jones
32. Obesity: assessment and treatment in the Primary Care setting, David B. Sarwer, Kelly C. Allison & Robert I. Berkowitz
33. Personality disorders, Leonard J. Haas, Michael K. Magill & David Duncan
34. Rape, sexual assault, and PTSD in primary care: strategies for the Primary Care psychologist, Gretchen A. Clum, Kelly R. Chrestman & Patricia A. Resick
35. Sexual disorders affecting men, Joseph LoPiccolo
36. Sexual disorders affecting women, Amy Heard-Davison, Julia R. Heiman & Brittany Briggs
37. Sleep disorders, Laura A. Czajkowski, Kenneth R. Casey, & Christopher R. Jones
38. Smoking, Lori Pbert, Roger Luckmann, & Judith K. Ockene
39. Somatization disorder, David Servan-Schreiber, Gary Tabas, N. Randall Kolbe & Leonard J. Haas
40. Stress, Bruce N. Carpenter & Patrick R. Stefen
41. Work stress and health, Paul J. Hartung & Mark A. Penn
A: Psychotropic medications in primary care Denise Small
B: Could the symptoms be cause the patient's medication?
A guide to assessment Karen Gunning

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