Nijstad, Bernard A.

Group Creativity : Innovation through Collaboration

Nijstad, Bernard A. - Group Creativity : Innovation through Collaboration, ebook


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1. Group creativity: An introduction, Paul B. Paulus and Bernard A. Nijstad
Part 1: Group process and creativity
2. The constraining effects of initial ideas, Steven M. Smith
3. Diversity and creativity in work groups: A dynamic perspective on the affective and cognitive processes that link diversity and performance, Frances J. Milliken, Caroline A. Bartel, and Terri R. Kurtzberg
4. Better than individuals? The potential benefits of dissent and diversity for group creativity, Charlan J. Nemeth and Brendan Nemeth-Brown
5. Group creativity and collective choice, Garold Stasser and Zachary Birchmeier
6. Ideational creativity in groups: Lessons from research on brainstorming, Paul B. Paulus and Vincent R. Brown
7. Cognitive stimulation and interference in idea generating groups, Bernard A. Nijstad, Michael Diehl, and Wolfgang Stroebe
8. Electronic brainstorming: Theory, research, and future directions, Alan R. Dennis and Mike L. Williams
Part 2: Group creativity in context
9. Is the social psychology of creativity really social? Moving beyond a focus on the individual, Beth A. Hennessey
10. Newcomer innovation in work teams, John M. Levine, Hoon-Seok Choi, and Richard L. Moreland
11. The group as mentor: Social capital and the systems model of creativity, Charles Hooker, Jeanne Nakamura, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
12. Creativity and innovation implementation in teams, Michael A. West
13. Learning from direct and indirect experience in organizations: The effects of experience content, timing, and distribution, Linda Argote and Aimee Kane
14. Creative cultures, nations, and civilizations: Strategies and results, Dean Keith Simonton
15. Group creativity: Common themes and future directions, Bernard A. Nijstad and Paul B. Paulus

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