Shachak, Moshe

Biodiversity in Drylands : Toward a Unified Framework

Biodiversity in Drylands : Toward a Unified Framework


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1. Introduction: A Framework for Biodiversity Studies, Moshe Shachak, James R. Gosz, Avi Perevolotsky, and Steward T.A. Pickett
I. Living Components of Biodiversity: Organisms
2. How Can Animal Diversity Be Supported in Low-Productivity Deserts?: The Role of Macrodetritivory and Habitat Physiognomy, Yoram Ayal, Gary A. Polis, Yael Lubin, and Deborah E. Goldberg
3. Biodiversity Among Core-Periphery Clines, Salit Kark, Sergei Volis, and Ariel Novoplansky
4. Species Diversity, Environmental Heterogeneity, and Species Interactions, William A. Mitchell, Burt P. Kotler, Joel S. Brown, Leon Blaustein, and Sasha R.X. Dall
5. SHALOM: A Landscape Simulation Model for Understanding Animal Biodiversity, Yaron Ziv, Michael L. Rosenzweig, and Robert D. Holt
6. Spacial Scale and Species Diversity: Building Species-Area Curves from Species Incidence, William Edward Kunin and Jack J. Lennon
7. Microbial Contributions to Biodiversity in Deserts, Peter M. Groffman, Eli Zaady, and Moshe Shachak
8. United Framework I: Interspecific Interactions and Species Diversity in Drylands, Gary A. Polis, Yoram Ayal, Alona Bachi, Sasha R.X. Dall, Deborah E. Goldberg, Robert D. Holt, Salit Kark, Burt P. Kotler, and William A. Mitchell
II. Ecological Complexes of Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Landscapes
9. Species Diversity and Ecosystem Processes in Water-Limited Systems, Moshe Shachak, Stewart T.A. Pickett, and James R. Gosz
10. Linking Species Diversity and Landscape Diversity, Bertrand Boeken, Yarden Oren, Shlomo Brandywine, and Sol Brand
11. The Impact of Animals on Species Diversity in Arid-Land Plant Communities, Mark E. Ritchie and Han Olff
12. Resource Partitioning and Biodiversity in Fractal Environments with Applications to Dryland Communities, Mark E. Ritchie and Han Olff
13. Unified Framework II: Ecosystem Processes - A Link Between Species and Landscape Diversity, Moshe Shachak, Robert Waide, and Peter M. Groffman
III. Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management
14. The Effects of Grazing on Plant Biodiversity in Arid Ecosystems, David Ward
15. Sustainability in Arid Grasslands: New Technology Applications for Management, Arian Pregenzer, Robert R. Parmenter, Howard Passell, John R. Vande Castle, Thomas K. Budge, and Gregory Michael Bonito
16. Reconciliation Ecology and the Future of Species Diversity, Michael L. Rosenzweig
17. Management for Biodiversity: Human and Landscape Effects on Dry Environments, Avi Perevolotsky, Moshe Shachak, and Stewart T.A. Pickett
18. United Framework III: Human Interactions with Biodiversity, Anna A. Sher, Bruce M. Kahn, and Christopher R. Dickman
19. Toward a United Framework in Biodiversity Studies, Moshe Shachak, James R. Gosz, Avi Perevolotsky, and Stewart T.A. Pickett

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