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Family Psychology : The Art of the Science

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1. Introduction: A scientific paradigm for family psychology, William M. Pinsof and Jay Lebow
Section I. Marriage and Marital Intervention
2. A critical view of marital satisfaction, Robert L. Weiss
3. A science of couple therapy: For what should we seek empirical support?, Andrew Christensen, Brian D. Doss, and David C. Atkins
4. The mis-measure of therapy: Treatment outcomes in marital therapy research, John Gottman and Kimberly Ryan
5. Emotion and the repair of close relationships, Susan M. Johnson
6. A sampling of theoretical, methodological, and policy issues in marriage education: Implications for family psychology, Howard J. Markman, Galena H. Kline, Jacqueline G. Rea, Samantha Simms Piper, and Scott M. Stanley
Section II. Partner Violence: Participation Perspectives and Treatment
7. A life span developmental systems perspective on aggression toward a partner, Deborah M. Capaldi, Joan Wu Shortt, and Hyoun K. Kim
8. Partner violence and men: A focus on the male perpetrator, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe and Jeffrey C. Meehan
9. Women in intimate partner violence: Major advances and new directions, Mary Ann Dutton, Mai El-Khoury, Megan Murphy, Rachel Somberg, and Margaret Bell
10. Partner Violence and Children, Ernest N. Jouriles, Renee McDonald, and Nancy Skopp
11. Can partner aggression be stopped with psychosocial interventions?, K. Daniel O'Leary and Edward M. Vega
Section III. Families in Divorce and Remarriage: Family Member Perspectives
12. Remarriage and stepfamilies, James H. Bray and Irene Easling
13. Promoting better fathering among divorced non-resident fathers, Sanford L. Braver, William A. Griffin, Jeffrey T. Cookston, Irwin N. Sandler, and Jason Williams
14. Fathers in African American families: The importance of social and cultural context, Melvin N. Wilson, Anthony L. Chambers, and LaKeesha N. Woods
15. Mothers in transition: Model based strategies for effective parenting, Bernadette Marie Bullock and Marion S. Forgatch
Section IV. Families and Depression
16. Disentangling causality in the associations between couple and family processes and depression, Valerie E. Whiffen
17. A relational perspective on depressed children: Family patterns and interventions, Nadine J. Kaslow, Claudia Jones, and Frances Palin
18. Adolescent depression: Family focused on treatment strategies, Joan Rosenbaum Asarnow, Martha Tompson, and Michele S. Berk
19. Marital discord in the context of a depressive episode: Research on efficacy and effectiveness, Steven Beach and Maya E. Gupta
20. Toward culturally-centered and evidence-based treatments for depressed adolescents, Guillermo Bernal and Emily Saez-Santiago
21. Families, health and illness: The search for pathways and mechanisms of effect, Beatrice L. Wood and Bruce D. Miller
22. Weaving gold out of straw: Meaning-making in families who have children with chronic illnesses, Joan M. Patterson
23. Using family models in health research: A framework for family intervention in chronic disease, Lawrence Fisher

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