Erber, Ralph

Understanding Genocide : The Social Psychology of the Holocaust

Erber, Ralph - Understanding Genocide : The Social Psychology of the Holocaust, ebook


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Foreword: Peter Browning (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
PART I - Becoming a Perpetrator
1. "The Psychology of Bystanders, Perpetrators, and Heroic Helpers", Ervin Staub (University of Massachusetts - Amherst)
2. "What is a 'Social-Psychological' Account of Perpetrator Behavior? The Person Versus the Situation in Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners", Leonard S. Newman (University of Illinois at Chicago)
3. "Authoritarianism and the Holocaust: Some Cognitive and Affective Implications", Peter Suedfeld and Mark Schaller (University of British Columbia)
4. "Perpetrator Behavior as Destructive Obedience: An Evaluation of Stanley Milgram's Perspective, the Most Influential Social-Psychological Approach to the Holocaust", Thomas Blass (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
PART II Beyond the Individual: Groups and Collectives
5. "Sacrifice Lambs Dressed n Wolves' Clothing: Envious Prejudice, Ideology, and the Scapegoating of Jews", Peter Glick (Lawrence University)
6. "Group Processes and the Holocaust", R. Scott Tindale, Catherine Munier, Michelle Wasserman (Loyola University), and Christine M. Smith (Grand Valley State University)
7 "Examining the Implications of Cultural Frames on Social Movements and Group Action". Daphna Oyserman and Armand Lauffer (University of Michigan)
8. "Population and Predators: Preconditions for the Holocaust from a Control-Theoretical Perspective", Dieter Frey and Helmut Rez (Universitaet Muenchen)
9. "The Zoomorphism of Human Collective Violence", Robert Zajone (Stanford University)
PART III Dealing with Evil
10. "The Holocaust and the Four Roots of Evil", Roy F. Baumeister (Case Western Reserve University)
11. "Instigators of Genocide: Examining Hitler from a Social Psychological Perspective", David Mandel (University of Hertfordshire)
12. "Perpetrators with a CLear Conscience: Lying Self-Deception and Belief Change", Ralph Erber (DePaul University)
13. "Explaining the Holocaust: Does Social Psychology Exonerate the Perpetrators?", Arthur G. Miller (Miami University of Ohio)

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