Erneling, Christina E.

The Mind As a Scientific Object : Between Brain and Culture

Erneling, Christina E. - The Mind As a Scientific Object : Between Brain and Culture, ebook


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General Introduction, David Johnson
Section 1. Where Are we at Present, and How Did we Get There?
1.0. Section Introduction, Christina Erneling
1.1. The Relevance of the Philosophy of Psychology, Rom Harre
1.2. Mind as Scientific Object: An Historical, Philosophical Exploration, Thomas Leahey
1.3. The Emergence of Minds in Space and Time, Jagdish Hattiangadi
1.4. Is the Mind a Scientific Object of Study?: Lessons from History, Otniel E. Dror
Section 2. Is the Study of Mind Continuous with the Rest of Science?
2.0. Section Introduction, David Johnson
2.1. Psychology as Engineering, Thomas Leahey
2.2. Epistemic Dualism, Gunther Stent
2.3. Mind, Brain, and Culture, David Olson
2.4. Chalmers' Naturalistic Dualism: A Case Study in the Irrelevance of the Mind-Body Problem to the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Don Ross
2.5. Emergence and Efficacy, William Seager
Section 3. Eliminative Materialism: Sound or Mistaken?
3.0. Section Introduction, David Johnson
3.1. A Particularly Compelling Refutation of Eliminative Materialism, William Lycan
3.2. Common-sense Refutations of Eliminativism, Ausonio Marras
3.3. What Does it Take to be a True Believer?: Against the Opulent Ideology of Eliminative Materialism, David Henderson and Terrance Horgan
3.4. Connectionism and the Propositional Attitudes, Barbara Von Eckhardt
Section 4. Is Mind Just another Name for the Brain and What the Brain Does?
4.0. Section Introduction, Christina Erneling
4.1. All in the Interest of Time-On the Problem of Speed and Cognition, Martin Ingvar
4.2. Can There Be a Cognitive Neuroscience of Central Cognitive Systems?, Vinod Goel
4.3. The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory: A Framework for the Science of Mind, Itiel Dror and Robin Thomas
4.4. Gall's Legacy Revisited: Decomposition and Localization in Cognitive Neuroscience, Tadeusz Zadwidski and William Bechtel
Section 5. Does Evolution Provide a Key to the Scientific Study of Mind?
5.0. Section Introduction, Christina Erneling
5.1. The Emergence of Thought, Peter Grdenfors
5.2. The Mind as an Object of Scientific Study, Jagdish Hattiangadi
5.3. The Significance of Ape Language Research, Stuart Shanker and Talbot J. Taylor
5.4. I-Object: Mind and Brain as Darwinian Things, Charles Lumsden
Section 6. Is the Mind a Cultural Entity?
6.0. Section Introduction, David Johnson
6.1. Ignace Meyerson and Cultural Psychology, Jerome Bruner
6.2. Strong Culturalism, David Bakhurst
6.3. 'Text' as a Model of the Mind, Jens Brockmeier
Section 7. Rationality: Cultural or Natural?
7.0. Section Introduction, Christina Erneling
7.1. Beyond the Mind-Body Problem, Timothy van Gelder
7.2. Workshop Rationality and the Reasonable Persistence of Dogmatism, Ian Jarvie
7.3. Is Cognitive Development Equivalent to Scientific Development?, Christina E. Erneling
7.4. Mind, Brain, and the Upper Paleolithic, David Martel Johnson
8.1 Afterword, Christina Erneling

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