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Distinctiveness and Memory

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Part One: Basic Issues
1. The Concept of Distinctiveness in Memory Research, R. Reed Hunt
2. Modeling Distinctiveness: Implications for general memory theory, James S. Nairne
3. Emotion, Significance, Distinctiveness, and Memory, Stephen R. Schmidt
4. Encoding and Retrieval Processes in Distinctiveness Effects: Toward an Integrative Framework, Mark A. McDaniel and Lisa Geraci
5. Reducing Memory Errors: The Distinctiveness Heuristic, Daniel L. Schacter and Amy L. Wiseman
6. Assessing Distinctiveness: Measures of Item-Specific and Relational Processing, Daniel J. Burns
Part Two: Bizareness
7. Resolution of Discrepant Memory Strengths: An Explanation of the Effects of Bizareness on Memory, James B. Worthen
8. Memory for Bizarre and Other Unusual Events: Evidence from Script Research, Denise Davidson
Part Three: Distinctiveness and Implicit Memory Tests
9. Conceptual Implicit Memory and the Item-specific--Relational Distinction, Neil W. Mulligan
10. The Distinctiveness Effect in Explicit and Implicit Memory, Lisa Geraci and Suparna Rajarm
Part Four: Distinctiveness and Memory Across the Life Span
11. Distinctiveness in Children's Memory, Mark L. Howe
12. Adult Age Differences in Episodic Memory: Item-specific, Relational, and Distinctive Processing, Rebekah E. Smith
Part Five: Distinctiveness in the Social Context
13. The Effects of Social Distinctiveness: The Phenomenology of Being in a Group, Brian Mullen and Carmen Pizzuto
14. Distinctiveness and Memory: A Comparison of the Social and Cognitive Literatures, Susan Coats and Eliot R. Smith
15. Part Six: The Neuroscience of Distinctiveness and Memory, Monica Fabiani
16. Neural Correlates of Incongruity, Pascale Michelon and Abraham Z. Snyder
17. Stimulus Novelty Effects on Recognition Memory: Behavioral Properties and Neuroanatomical Substrates, Mark M. Kishiyama and Andrew P. Yonelinas
Part Seven: Denoument
18. What do Explanations of the Distinctiveness Effect Need to Explain?, Endel Tulving and R. Shayna Rosenbaum
19. Distinctiveness and Memory: Comments and a Point of View, Fergus I.M. Craik

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