Kirlik, Alex

Adaptive Perspectives on Human-Technology Interaction : Methods and Models for Cognitive Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction

Kirlik, Alex - Adaptive Perspectives on Human-Technology Interaction : Methods and Models for Cognitive Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, ebook


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Foreword. K.R. Hammond
Part I Background and Motivation.
1. Cognitive Engineering: Toward a Workable Concept of Mind, Kirlik
2. Introduction to Brunswikian Theory and Method, Goldstein
Part II Technological Interfaces.
Part II Introduction. Kirlik
3. Knowledge Versus Execution in Dynamic Judgment Tasks, Bisantz, Kirlik, Gay, Walker & Fisk
4. The Effects of Computer Displays and Time Pressure on the Performance of Distributed Teams, Adelman, Yeo & Miller
5. Supporting Situation Assessment Through Attention Guidance and Diagnostic Aiding: The Benefits and Costs of Display Enhancement on Judgment Skill, Horrey, Wickens, Kirlik & Stewart
6. Applying the Multivariate Lens Model to Fault Diagnosis, Jha & Bisantz
Part III Altering Automation and Decision Aids.
Part III Introduction. Kirlik
7. Measuring the Fit Between Human Judgment and Alerting Systems: A Study of Collision Detection in Aviation, Pritchett & Bisantz
8. Trust, Decision Aiding, and Feedback: An Integrated Approach, Seong, Bisantz & Gattie
9. Human-automated Judgment Learning: Enhancing Interaction with Automated Judgment Systems, Bass & Pritchett
Part IV Alternatives to Compensatory Modeling.
Part IV Introduction. Kirlik
10. Inferring Fast and Frugal Heuristics from Human Judgment Data, Rothrock & Kirlik
11. Viewing Training Through a Fuzzy Lens, Campbell, Buff & Bolton
12. Achieving Coherence: Meeting New Cognitive Demands in Technological Systems, Mosier & McCauley
Part V Into the Field: Vicarious Functioning in Action.
Part V Introduction. Kirlik
13. What Makes Vicarious Functioning Work? Exploring the Geometry of Human-Technology Interaction, Degani, Shafto & Kirlik
14. Understanding the Determinants of Adaptive Behavior in a Modern Airline Cockpit, Casner
15. Abstracting Situated Action: Implications for Cognitive Modeling and Interface Design, Kirlik
Part VI Ecological Analysis Meets Cognitive Modeling.
Part VI Introduction. Kirlik
16. The Emerging Reapproachment Between Cognitive and Ecological Analyses, Gray
17. The Use of Proximal Information Scent to Forage for Distal Content on the World Wide Web, Pirolli
18. Kilograms Matter: Rational Analysis, Ecological Rationality, and Closed-loop Modeling of Interactive Cognition and Behavior, Byrne, Kirlik & Fick
Part VII Reflections and Future Directions.
19. Reflections from a Judgment & Decision Making Perspective, Connolly
20. Reflections from a Cognitive Engineering & Human Factors Perspective, Vicente
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