Brynin, Malcolm

Computers, Phones, and the Internet : Domesticating Information Technology

Brynin, Malcolm - Computers, Phones, and the Internet : Domesticating Information Technology, ebook


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1. Social Studies of Domestic Information and Communication Technologies, Malcom Brynin and Robert Kraut
Information Technology and Social Change
2. Protraits of American Internet Use: Frindings from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, John B. Horrigan
3. Passing By and Passing Through, Ben Anderson
4. Older People and New Technologies, Yoel Raban and Malcom Brynin
5. Information Technology and Family Time Displacement, John P. Robinson and Jos De Haan
6. Examining the Impact of Internet Use on TV Viewing: Details Make a Difference, Robert Kraut, Sara Kiesler, Bonka Boneva, and Irina Shlovski
7. The Neutered Computer, Malcom Brynin
Technology is Context--Home, Family, and Community
8. The Consumption Junction Revisited: Networks and Contexts, Maria Bakardjieva
9. Designing the Family Portal for Home Networking, Alladi Venkatesh, Steven Chen, Victor M. Gonzalez
10. Children's Privacy Online: Experimenting with Boundaries Within and Beyond the Family, Sonia Livingstone
11. Children's Home Internet Use: Antecedents and Psychological, Social & Academic Consequences, Linda A. Jackson, Alexander von Eye, Frank A. Biocca, Gretchen Barbatsis, Yong Zhao, and Hiram E. Fitzgerald
12. Social and Civic Participation in a Community Network, John M. Carroll, Mary Beth Rosson, Andrea Kavanaugh, Wendy Schafer, Jason Snook, Philip Isenhour
New Technology in Teenage Life
13. Teens on the Internet: Interpersonal Connection, Identity, and Information, Patricia M. Greenfield, Elisheva F. Gross, Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Lalita K. Suzuki and Brendesha Tynes
14. Teenage Communication in the Instant Messaging Era, Bonka Boneva, Amy Quinn, Robert Kraut, Sara Kiesler, and Irina Shklovski
15. Control, Emancipation, and Status: The Mobile Telephone in the Teen's Parental and Peer Group Control Relationships, Rich Ling and Brigitte Yttri
16. Intimate Connections: Contextualizing Japanese Youth and Mobile Messaging, Mizuko Ito and Daisuke Okabe
The Internet and Social Relationships
17. The Internet and Social Interaction: A Meta-analysis and Critique of Studies, 1995-2003, Irina Shklovski, Sara Kiesler, and Robert Kraut
18. Communication Technology and Friendship During the Transition From High School to College, Jonathon N. Cummings, John B. Lee, and Robert Kraut
19. Considering the Interactions: The Effects of the Internet on Self and Society, Katelyn Y.A. McKenna and Gwendolyn Seidman
20. Rhythms and Ties: Towards a Pragmatics of Technologically-mediated Sociability, Christian Licoppe and Zbigniew Smoreda

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