Ungar, Peter S.

Evolution of the Human Diet : The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable

Ungar, Peter S. - Evolution of the Human Diet : The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable, ebook


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I. Introduction
1. Early Hominin Diets: Overview and Historical Perspectives, Alan Walker
2. Whose Diet? An Introduction to the Hominin Fossil Record, Amanda G. Henry and Bernard Wood
II. The Hominin Fossil Record
3. The Evolution of the Hominin Diet from a Dental Functional Perspective, Peter W. Lucas
4. Dental Functional Morphology: The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable, Peter S. Unger
5. What Do We Know and Not Know about Diet and Enamel Structure, Mark F. Teaford
6. Mandibular Biomechanics and the Paleontolgical Evidence for the Evolution of Human Diet, David J. Daegling and Fredrick E. Grine
7. What Do We Know and Not Know about Dental Microwear and Diet?, Mark F. Teaford
8. Icarus, Isotopes, and Australopith Dies, Matt Sponheimer, Julia Lee-Thorp, and Darryl de Ruiter
9 Reconstructing Early Hominin Diets Evaluating Tooth Chemistry and Macronutrient Composition. Margaret J. Schoeinger
III. The Archaeological Record
10. Zooarchaeology and the Ecology of Oldowan Hominin Carnivory, Robert J. Blumenschine and Briana L. Pobiner
11. Meat Made Us Human, Henry t. Bunn
12. Lithic Archaeology, or, What Stone Tools Can (and Can't) Tell Us about Early Hominin Diets, John J. Shea
IV. Paleoecology and Modeling
13. Theoretical and Actualistic Ecobotanical Perspectives on Early Hominin Diets and Paleoecology
14. African Pliocene Paleoecology: Hominin Habitats, Resources, and Diets, Kaye E. Reed and Amy L. Rector
15. Modeling the Significance of Paleoenvironmental Context for Early Hominin Diets
16. The Cooking Enigma, Richard Wrangham
17. Seaonality, Fallback Strategies, and Natural Selection: A Chimpanzee and Cercopithecoid Model for Interpreting the Evolution of Hominin Diet, Joanna E. Lambert
18. Energetic Models of Human Nutritional Evolution, William R. Leonard,Marcia L. Robertson, and J.Josh Snodgrass
V. Implications of Studies of Early Hominin Diets
19. Implications of Pilo-Pleistocene Hominin Diets for Modern Humans, Loren Cordain
20. Preagricultural Diets and Evolutionary Health Promotion, S. Boyd Eaton
21. Limits to Knowledge on the Evolution of Hominin Diet, Peter S. Unger

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