, Iwo Bialynicki-Birula

Modeling Reality : How Computers Mirror Life

, Iwo Bialynicki-Birula - Modeling Reality : How Computers Mirror Life, ebook


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This book is for everyone (college and high-school students, school teachers and the general public) who wants to learn about many fascinating ideas that have come to the fore with recent advances in the application of computers to real life situations. Twenty five computer programs greatly enhance the pleasure of learning the spellbinding topics covered in the book. - ;The book Modeling Reality covers a wide range of fascinating subjects, accessible to anyone who wants to learn about the use of computer modeling to solve a diverse range of problems, but who does not possess a specialized training in mathematics or computer science. The material presented is pitched at the level of high-school graduates, even though it covers some advanced topics (cellular automata, Shannon's measure of information, deterministic chaos, fractals, game theory,
neural networks, genetic algorithms, and Turing machines). These advanced topics are explained in terms of well known simple concepts: Cellular automata - Game of Life, Shannon's formula - Game of twenty questions, Game theory - Television quiz, etc. The book is unique in explaining in a straightforward,
yet complete, fashion many important ideas, related to various models of reality and their applications. Twenty five programs, written especially for this book, are provided on an accompanying CD. They greatly enhance its pedagogical value and make learning of even the more complex topics an enjoyable pleasure. -

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