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Industrial Services and Service Contracts - A Proactive Approach

Haapio, Helena - Industrial Services and Service Contracts - A Proactive Approach, ebook


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The book is about designing industrial business-to-business services. It focuses on product support services, particularly on how to design and package services successfully through appropriate contracts, specifications, and other documents. It presents important issues for consideration when preparing new service offerings and contracts, and provides tools and checklists that make the task easier.
The book is meant for both service and contracts professionals - and for anyone interested in improving the quality and governance of their B2B service relationships. A basic understanding of contracts is beneficial to everyone involved, not only legal experts. Since it is hard to find materials on industrial service design and contract design (and, in particular, how to merge them proactively), the book can be used as a reference guide, as a training manual, or both. It can also be used as a source of additional tools and resources; for example, commercially available contract forms, terms and conditions, and related guidance.
The issues covered are approached from a European perspective. While the case studies, sample contracts, etc. have a Nordic/Scandinavian focus, the underlying principle of the book - a proactive approach to merging service design and contract design - is universally valid. It provides a valuable guideline to all industrial companies striving to create excellent, profitable, high-quality services, to foster internal collaboration, and to promote customer satisfaction and mutually satisfactory service relationships.

Keywords: Service, contract, proactive approach, service design, industrial services, proactive contracting, teollisuus, palvelutuotanto, palvelut, teollisuusyritykset, sähkökirjat

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