Oikarinen, Jarmo

The Middle East in the American quest for world order

Oikarinen, Jarmo - The Middle East in the American quest for world order, ebook


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“The development of a common set of principles to govern Western relationships with Asiatic Moslem populations.... It seems to me that we must develop a set of principles to be observed by all three nations [the United States, Britain, and France] in their relationships with these great areas - principles that will take into account both the legitimate aspirations of these people and the practicalities of earning a living in the modern world. We should develop a program that would at least eliminate differences in essentials in our several approaches to all these people and a program which would be appealing vis-à-vis the Russians, who are in effect offering nothing but political and social revolution.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1952)
The Middle East in the American Quest for World Order offers a reappraisal of the American conception of a world order - beliefs and assumptions regarding potential international harmony – and its influence on American foreign policy during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961.
Placed at the intersection of political history and the history of ideas - between ideas and political action – this study explores the idea of a world order as it can be discerned in the actual political decision-making of U. S. foreign policy toward the Middle East. It presents an account of a critical period in American foreign relations, and offers keys to understanding the American conception of a world order, which remains relevant to the present day.

Keywords: foreign policy, political history, United States, America, 1950´s, 1960´s, middle East, cold war

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