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Computer Graphics with Java

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With the recent explosion of interest into the development of both computer graphics and the Java programming language, there emerged a need for a student-oriented textbook that covered both of these fields. Whilst many of the textbooks within this field give an in-depth treatment of graphics theory, Computer Graphics with Java instead seeks to provide the reader with a concise survey of the more interesting graphical features ( both 2 and 3-dimensional ) that are currently available in Java and Java 3D.
The book assumes both a familiarity with the Java programming language and a working knowledge of basic mathematics, but no prior exposure to graphics theory is expected. Aimed at second and higher year undergraduates, this concise, manageable and practical text will provide students with an understanding of not only how to write graphics programs in Java, but also of how these programs work.
Two-Dimensional Graphics
Two-Dimensional Transformations
The Java 2D Packages
Three Dimensional Graphics : Projections and Transformations
Java 3D - The Basics
Creating Geometry in Java 3D
Surface Rendering and Lighting
Interaction and Animation
Author BiographiesDR GLENN ROWE is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Computing at the University of Dundee. He has been teaching C++ and Java programming for many years and is currently engaged in researching more effective ways of teaching university-level programming. His previous publications include The Essence of Java Programming, An Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms with Java and An Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms with C++.
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