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Multinationals in a new era

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Multinationals in a new era -International strategy and management
This eighth volume in the AIB series focuses on globalisation and international business, and presents the work of leading international business scholars delivered at the 27th Academy of International Business conference at the University of Strathclyde.
Contributions examine how the underlying characteristics of International Business are changing as we move into early part of the twenty-first century. The three points of focus are
  • internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the growing occurrence of 'born' internationalisers

  • the impact of culture, structure and technology on managing the multinational corporation

  • the implementation of international strategy through the roles and activities of foreign subsidiaries
The book successfully brings together an integrated set of research concepts and results to present some contrasting views about the nature and effects of globalisation as the multinational continues to develop in the 21st century.
Companies and countries: changes and choices; J.H.Taggart
Industrial clusters and small firm internationalisation; P.Brown & J.Bell
'Born' exporting in regional clusters: preliminary empirical evidence; L.Sopas
The internationalization of SMEs: alternative hypotheses and empirical survey; A.Zuchella
International start-ups: a paradigm shift for the 21st century: two illustrative cases spanning the Atlantic; J.E.Johnson
On the resource-based, integrative view of small firm internationalisation: an exploratory study of Nigerian firms; K.I.N.Ibeh
Marketspace and the new mechanism of internationalisation: some preliminary insights; J.K-U.Brock
Is the governance of transnationals really 'beyond the M-form'? A critical review of Bartlett and Ghoshal's 'new organisational model'; P.N.Gooderham & S.Ulset
Multinational strategies and sustainable industrial transformation in CEE transition economies: the role of technology; J.Manea and R.Pearce
Modes of integration and the diffusion of best practice in the multinational enterprise; M.Wright & P.Edwards
Global operations managed by Japanese and in Japanese; H.Yoshihara
A new view of the advantage of multinationality; M.Yamin
Strategic evolution of foreign-owned subsidiaries in a host country: a conceptual framework; R.Luostarinen & R.Marschan-Piekkari
Multinational enterprises in Ireland: the dynamics of subsidiary strategy A.T.Tavares
From globalization to internationalization to Americanization: the example of 'little Americas' in the hotel sector; D.Nickson and C.Warhurst
A survey-based investigation of the determinants of FDI in Portugal; P.J.Buckley & F.B.Castro
Author Biographies:
JAMES H. TAGGART is Professor of International Business Strategy in the Department of Business and Management at the University of Glasgow. He is also Chairman of the UK Chapter of the AIB.
MAUREEN BERRY is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde.
MICHAEL MCDERMOTT is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde.
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Keywords: globalization, globalisation, business strategies, international business, SMEs, small and medium sized enterprises, multinational corporations, subsidiaries, foreign subsidiaries, internationalization, internationalisation, organisation theory, organization theory

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