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Using communication technology

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Using communication technology -Creating knowledge organizations
Communication technology not only changes the face of organizations, but can support organizations in their strive to become learning organizations. In Using Communication Technology, Bettina Büchel examines the relationship between information technology and organizations from a range of perspectives, and highlights the managerial implications stemming from this relationship. Analysis is based on theoretical work in organizational studies, management and computer science, and draws upon case studies from companies in Europe and Asia.
This book provides managers with guidelines for individual choice among communication media and goes on to suggest means of evaluating the outcome of communication technology strategy. The author shows how organizational use of communication technologies can lead the way towards the creation of knowledge organizations.
Communication Technology and Organizations
Knowledge Worker's Choices of Communication Technology
Communication Technology and Organizational Design
Communication Technology and Organizational Learning
Communication Technology and Success
Dynamic Model of Communication Technology and Organizations
Author Biographies:
BETTINA BÜCHEL is Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD, and was previously a faculty member at the Asian Institute of Technology, where she was founding director of the Asian Case Clearing House. Her research interests are e-business strategy, communication technology employment, organizational learning and strategic alliances.
She has worked as a consultant in private and public companies in Asia and Europe, including ABB, UBS, AT&T, WHO and Telephone Organization of Thailand. She has co-edited a number of books, including Organizational Learning: The Competitive Advantage of the Future ( with G. Probst).
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Keywords: communication technology, information technology, organizational studies, management, business management, computer science, business strategies

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