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Table of contents

Part I.Keynote

1. Nonparametric Methods for Estimating Periodic Functions, with Applications in Astronomy
Peter Hall

Part II.Advances on Statistical Computing Environments

2. Back to the Future: Lisp as a Base for a Statistical Computing System
Ross Ihaka, Duncan Temple Lang

3. Computable Statistical Research and Practice
Anthony Rossini

4. Implicit and Explicit Parallel Computing in R
Luke Tierney

Part III.Classification and Clustering of Complex Data

5. Probabilistic Modeling for Symbolic Data
Hans-Hermann Bock

6. Monothetic Divisive Clustering with Geographical Constraints
Marie Chavent, Yves Lechevallier, Françoise Vernier, Kevin Petit

7. Comparing Histogram Data Using a Mahalanobis–Wasserstein Distance
Rosanna Verde, Antonio Irpino

Part IV.Computation for Graphical Models and Bayes Nets

8. Iterative Conditional Fitting for Discrete Chain Graph Models
Mathias Drton

9. Graphical Models for Sparse Data: Graphical Gaussian Models with Vertex and Edge Symmetries
Søren Højsgaard

10. Parameterization and Fitting of a Class of Discrete Graphical Models
Giovanni M. Marchetti, Monia Lupparelli

Part V.Computational Econometrics

11. Exploring the Bootstrap Discrepancy
Russell Davidson

12. On Diagnostic Checking Time Series Models with Portmanteau Test Statistics Based on Generalized Inverses and
Pierre Duchesne, Christian Francq

13. New Developments in Latent Variable Models: Non-linear and Dynamic Models
Irini Moustaki

Part VI.Computational Statistics and Data Mining Methods for Alcohol Studies

14. Estimating Spatiotemporal Effects for Ecological Alcohol Systems
Yasmin H. Said

15. A Directed Graph Model of Ecological Alcohol Systems Incorporating Spatiotemporal Effects
Edward J. Wegman, Yasmin H. Said

16. Spatial and Computational Models of Alcohol Use and Problems
William F. Wieczorek, Yasmin H. Said, Edward J. Wegman

Part VII.Finance and Insurance

17. Optimal Investment for an Insurer with Multiple Risky Assets Under Mean-Variance Criterion
Junna Bi, Junyi Guo

18. Inhomogeneous Jump-GARCH Models with Applications in Financial Time Series Analysis
Chunhang Chen, Seisho Sato

19. The Classical Risk Model with Constant Interest and Threshold Strategy
Yinghui Dong, Kam C. Yuen

20. Estimation of Structural Parameters in Crossed Classification Credibility Model Using Linear Mixed Models
Wing K. Fung, Xiaochen Xu

Part VIII.Information Retrieval for Text and Images

21. A Hybrid Approach for Taxonomy Learning from Text
Ahmad El Sayed, Hakim Hacid

22. Image and Image-Set Modeling Using a Mixture Model
Charbel Julien, Lorenza Saitta

23. Strategies in Identifying Issues Addressed in Legal Reports
Gilbert Ritschard, Matthias Studer, Vincent Pisetta

Part IX.Knowledge Extraction by Models

24. Sequential Automatic Search of a Subset of Classifiers in Multiclass Learning
Francesco Mola, Claudio Conversano

25. Possibilistic PLS Path Modeling: A New Approach to the Multigroup Comparison
Francesco Palumbo, Rosaria Romano

26. Models for Understanding Versus Models for Prediction
Gilbert Saporta

27. Posterior Prediction Modelling of Optimal Trees
Roberta Siciliano, Massimo Aria, Antonio D’Ambrosio

Part X.Model Selection Algorithms

28. Selecting Models Focussing on the Modeller’s Purpose
Jean-Patrick Baudry, Gilles Celeux, Jean-Michel Marin

29. A Regression Subset-Selection Strategy for Fat-Structure Data
Cristian Gatu, Marko Sysi-Aho, Matej Orešic

30. Fast Robust Variable Selection
Stefan Aelst, Jafar A. Khan, Ruben H. Zamar

Part XI.Models for Latent Class Detection

31. Latent Classes of Objects and Variable Selection
Giuliano Galimberti, Angela Montanari, Cinzia Viroli

32. Modelling Background Noise in Finite Mixtures of Generalized Linear Regression Models
Friedrich Leisch

33. Clustering via Mixture Regression Models with Random Effects
Geoffrey J. McLachlan, Shu Kay (Angus) Ng, Kui Wang

Part XII.Multiple Testing Procedures

34. Testing Effects in ANOVA Experiments: Direct Combination of All Pair-Wise Comparisons Using Constrained Synchronized Permutations
Dario Basso, Fortunato Pesarin, Luigi Salmaso

35. Multiple Comparison Procedures in Linear Models
Frank Bretz, Torsten Hothorn, Peter Westfall

36. Inference for the Top-k Rank List Problem
Peter Hall, Michael G. Schimek

Part XIII.Random Search Algorithms

37. Monitoring Random Start Forward Searches for Multivariate Data
Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani, Andrea Cerioli

38. Generalized Differential Evolution for General Non-Linear Optimization
Saku Kukkonen, Jouni Lampinen

39. Statistical Properties of Differential Evolution and Related Random Search Algorithms
Daniela Zaharie

Part XIV.Robust Statistics

40. Robust Estimation of the Vector Autoregressive Model by a Least Trimmed Squares Procedure
Christophe Croux, Kristel Joossens

41. The Choice of the Initial Estimate for Computing MM-Estimates
Marcela Svarc, Víctor J. Yohai

42. Metropolis Versus Simulated Annealing and the Black-Box-Complexity of Optimization Problems
Ingo Wegener

Part XV.Signal Extraction and Filtering

43. Filters for Short Nonstationary Sequences: The Analysis of the Business Cycle
Stephen Pollock

44. Estimation of Common Factors Under Cross-Sectional and Temporal Aggregation Constraints: Nowcasting Monthly GDP and Its Main Components
Tommaso Proietti


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