Wolf, Detlef

Deformation and Gravity Change: Indicators of Isostasy, Tectonics, Volcanism, and Climate Change

Deformation and Gravity Change: Indicators of Isostasy, Tectonics, Volcanism, and Climate Change


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Table of contents

1. Deformation and Gravity Change: Indicators of Isostasy, Tectonics, Volcanism and Climate Change. Introduction
Detlef Wolf, José Fernández

2. An Overview of the Small BAseline Subset Algorithm: A DInSAR Technique for Surface Deformation Analysis
Riccardo Lanari, Francesco Casu, Mariarosaria Manzo, Giovanni Zeni, Paolo Berardino, Michele Manunta, Antonio Pepe

3. Propagator-matrix Technique for the Viscoelastic Response of a Multi-layered Sphere to Surface Toroidal Traction
Zdenek Martinec

4. Using Fuzzy Logic for the Analysis of Sea-level Indicators with Respect to Glacial-isostatic Adjustment: An Application to the Richmond-Gulf Region, Hudson Bay
Volker Klemann, Detlef Wolf

5. Shear-wave Velocity Structure around Teide Volcano: Results Using Microtremors with the SPAC Method and Implications for Interpretation of Geodetic Results
Francisco J. Chávez-García, Francisco Luzón, Dimitris Raptakis, José Fernández

6. Steric Sea-level Variations Inferred from Combined Topex/Poseidon Altimetry and GRACE Gravimetry
D. García, G. Ramillien, A. Lombard, A. Cazenave

7. Interpretation of 1992–1994 Gravity Changes around Mayon Volcano, Philippines, Using Point Sources
A. G. Camacho, J. Fernández, M. Charco, K. F. Tiampo, G. Jentzsch

8. Glacial-isostatic Adjustment and the Viscosity Structure Underlying the Vatnajökull Ice Cap, Iceland
Kevin Fleming, Zdenek Martinec, Detlef Wolf

9. Review of Microgravity Observations at Mt. Etna: A Powerful Tool to Monitor and Study Active Volcanoes
Daniele Carbone, Filippo Greco

10. An Estimate of Global Mean Sea-level Rise Inferred from Tide-gauge Measurements Using Glacial-isostatic Models Consistent with the Relative Sea-level Record
J. M. Hagedoorn, D. Wolf, Z. Martinec

11. Modeling of Stress Changes at Mayon Volcano, Philippines
K. F. Tiampo, J. Fernández, T. Hayes, G. Jentzsch

12. A Hybrid Model for the Summit Region of Merapi Volcano, Java, Indonesia, Derived from Gravity Changes and Deformation Measured between 2000 and 2002
C. Tiede, J. Fernández, C. Gerstenecker, K. F. Tiampo

13. Vertical Crustal Motion along the Mediterranean and Black Sea Coast Derived from Ocean Altimetry and Tide Gauge Data
D. García, I. Vigo, B. F. Chao, M. C. Martínez

14. Some Insights into Topographic, Elastic and Self-gravitation Interaction in Modelling Ground Deformation and Gravity Changes in Active Volcanic Areas
María Charco, José Fernández, Francisco Luzón, Kristy F. Tiampo, John B. Rundle


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Natural Sciences

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