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Publisher  Springer
Publication year  2009
Language  en
Edition  1
Imprint  Springer Berlin Heidelberg - Berlin, Heidelberg
Category  Public Health
Format  Ebook
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Table of contents

1. Heat Shock Proteins in Pancreatic Diseases
A. K. Saluja, V. Dudeja

2. Cellular Stress in Acute Pancreatitis
J. L. Iovanna

3. Systemic Inflammatory Effects of Acute Pancreatitis; Effects of Lipid Mediators
N. Franco-Pons, E. Folch-Puy, D. Closa

4. Gemcitabine Changes the Gene Expression in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells: Search for New Therapeutic Molecular Targets
Y. Motoo, T. Shimasaki, T. Minamoto

5. Cannabinoids as Potential Antitumoral Agents in Pancreatic Cancer
G. Velasco, A. Carracedo, M. Lorente, M. Guzmán

6. Pathogenesis of Chronic Pancreatitis with Special Emphasis on Genes
J. Mössner, N. Teich

7. Bioecological Control of Disease, Especially Pancreatic Disease
S. Bengmark

8. The Role of Endoscopic Sphincterotomy in the Management of Acute Biliary Pancreatitis
U. S. Ismailov, N. U. Aripova, F. B. Alidjanov, M. A. Khoshimov

9. Indication for Surgery in Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis
J. Werner

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