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Negotiated Risks

Negotiated Risks 

Publisher  Springer
Publication year  2009
Language  en
Edition  1
Imprint  Springer Berlin Heidelberg - Berlin, Heidelberg
Category  Social Science
Format  Ebook
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Table of contents

2. Introduction
Rudolf Avenhaus, Gunnar Sjöstedt

3. Negotiator’s Risk: The General Case
Christophe Dupont

4. Risky Business: Curable and Incurable Risks in the International Mediation of Violent Conflict
Fen Osler Hampson

5. Take the Risk and Trust? The Strategic Role of Trust in Negotiations
Sabine Theresia Koeszegi

6. Prospect Theory and Negotiation
Rose McDermott

7. Risk and Preventive Negotiations
I. William Zartman

8. Negotiation Risk: Controlling Biological Weapons
P. Terrence Hopmann

9. Negotiations on National Security Risks: The Case of U.S.–Soviet Relations
Victor Kremenyuk

10. Transboundary Risks: The Case of Temel´?n
Helmut Böck, Dana Drábová

11. Spent Fuel Import, Storage, and Reprocessing in the Russian Federation: An Evaluation of Actors and Risks
Keith Compton

12. Negotiating Climate Change: The Search for Joint Risk Management
Gunnar Sjöstedt

13. Managing Security and Safety Risks in the Baltic Sea Region
Boris Porfiriev

14. The Multimodal Character of “Talk” and the Negotiation of Joint Financial Risk Management in an International Context
Bev Sauer

15. Negotiating Risks across Cultures: Joint Ventures in China
Guy Olivier Faure

16. Conclusions
Rudolf Avenhaus, Gunnar Sjöstedt

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