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Efficient Management of Wastewater

Efficient Management of Wastewater


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Table of contents

1. The 2006 WHO Guidelines for Wastewater and Greywater Use in Agriculture: A Practical Interpretation
Duncan Mara, Annika Kramer

2. EMWater Guide and Recommendations on Wastewater Treatment and Water Reuse
Julika Post, Luigi Petta, Annika Kramer, Ismail Al Baz

3. Integrated Wastewater Management: A Review
Bassim Abbassi, Ismail Al Baz

4. Egyptian Effluent Standards for Treated Sewage: Evaluation and Recommendations
T. A. Elmitwalli, A. Al-Sarawey, M. F. El-Sherbiny

5. Groundwater Contamination as Affected by Long-Term Sewage Irrigation in Egypt
Hussein I. Abdel-Shafy, Khaireya A. Guindi, Nevien S. Tawfik

6. Effluent and Sludge Management in Yemen
J. E. Hall, R. Ebaid

7. Fate of Pathogens In Tomato Plants and Soil Irrigated With Secondary Treated Wastewater
Maha Halalsheh, Lina Abu Ghunmi, Nivin Al-Alami, Manar Fayyad

8. Alleviation of Salinity Stress Imposed on Broad Bean (Vicia faba) Plants Irrigated With Reclaimed Wastewater Mixed With Brackish Water Through Exogenous Application of Jasmonic Acid
Nesreen Mansour, Ziad Mimi, Jamil Harb

9. Response of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf) Cultivar Acsad 1107 to Sewage Sludge Amendment Under a Semi-Arid Climate
L. Tamrabet, H. Bouzerzour, M. Kribaa, M. Makhlouf

10. Waste Stabilization Ponds: A Highly Appropriate Wastewater Treatment Technology for Mediterranean Countries
Duncan Mara

11. Sustainable Sanitation by Constructed Wetlands in the Mediterranean Countries: Experiences in Small/Medium-Size Communities and Tourism Facilities
Fabio Masi, Giulio Conte, Nicola Martinuzzi

12. Effect of Depth on the Performance of Algae-Based Wastewater Treatment Ponds
Ashraf A. Isayed, Omar R. Zimmo

13. Adapting High-rate Anaerobic Treatment to Middle East Conditions
Nidal Mohmoud, Grietje Zeeman, Jules B. Lier

14. Options for Improving the Effectiveness and Potentials for a Sustainable Resource Recovery in Constructed Wetlands
Nathasith Chiarawatchai, Ralf Otterpohl

15. Integrated Anaerobic–Aerobic Treatment of Concentrated Sewage
Maha Halalsheh, Claudia Wendland

16. Aerobic and Anaerobic Biotreatment of Olive Oil Mill Wastewater in Lebanon
Faud Hashwa, Elias Mhanna

17. Cost-Efficiency in Water Management Through Demand Side Management and Integrated Planning
Ralf Otterpohl

18. The LooLoop-Process: The First “Waterless” Flushing Toilet
U. Braun, B. Lindner, T. Lohmann, J. Behrendt, R. Otterpohl

19. Contribution of Sewage Sludge to the Fertility of the Soil and the Growth of Barley (Hordium Vulgare L) Variety Jaidor
S. Boudjabi, M. Kribaa, L. Tamrabet

20. The Use of a Pilot-Scale Membrane Bioreactor in Treating Domestic Wastewater with Variable Characteristics for Potential Water Reuse on a University Campus
N. O. Yigit, I. Harman, G. Civelekoglu, H. Koseoglu, N. Cicek, L. Yilmaz, R. Arviv, M. Kitis

21. Socioeconomic Aspects of Wastewater Treatment and Water Reuse
Bahman Sheikh

22. Cost–Benefit Analysis for Centralized and Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (Case Study in Surabaya-Indonesia)
Maria Prihandrijanti, Almy Malisie, Ralf Otterpohl

23. Sustainable Community Water Project Implementation in Jordan
Samira Smirat, Stan Benjamin, Noel Keough

24. Waste Water Reuse for Agriculture Pilot Project at the Jordan University of Science and Technology
Ziad Al-Ghazawi, Jumah Amayreh, Laith Rousan, Amal Hijazi


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