Sivakumar, Mannava V. K.

Climate and Land Degradation

Climate and Land Degradation


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Table of contents

1. The Assessment of Global Trends in Land Degradation
Uriel N. Safriel

2. Status and Trends in Land Degradation in Africa
Lamourdia Thiombiano, Ignacio Tourino-Soto

3. Status and Trends in Land Degradation in Asia
Hong Ma, Hongbo Ju

4. Trends in Land Degradation in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Role of Climate Change
Fernando Santibáñez, Paula Santibáñez

5. Trends in Land Degradation in Europe
Luca Montanarella

6. Climate and Land Degradation — an Overview
Mannava V. K. Sivakumar, Robert Stefanski

7. Climate, Extreme Events and Land Degradation
Michèle L. Clarke, Helen M. Rendell

8. Effects of Some Meteorological Parameters on Land Degradation in Tanzania
E. Matari

9. Rainfall and Land Degradation
Leo Stroosnijder

10. Frequency of Wet and Dry Spells in Tanzania
Faustine F. Tilya, Mohamed S. Mhita

11. Climate Variability, Climate Change and Land Degradation
Beverley Henry, Greg McKeon, Jozef Syktus, John Carter, Ken Day, David Rayner

12. Fire Weather and Land Degradation
Opha Pauline Dube

13. Importance of Drought Information in Monitoring and Assessing Land Degradation
Moshe Inbar

14. The Role of Land Degradation in the Agriculture and Environment Nexus
Anna Tengberg, Svanhild-Isabelle Batta Torheim

15. Using Weather and Climate Information for Landslide Prevention and Mitigation
Roy C. Sidle

16. Drought Hazard and Land Management in the Drylands of Southern Africa
Juliane Zeidler, Reagan Chunga

17. Climate Monitoring in the Southern Africa Development Community
Bradwell J. Garanganga

18. Carbon Sequestration and Land Degradation
Alan J. Franzluebbers, Paul C. Doraiswamy

19. Sustainable Land Management Through Soil Organic Carbon Management and Sequestration — The GEFSOC Modelling System
E. Milne, M. F. Sessay, M. Easter, K. Paustian, K. Killian

20. Seasonal Variation of Carbon Dioxide, Rainfall, NDVI and it’s Association to Land Degradation in Tanzania
Juliana J. Adosi

21. Land Degradation Control in Northern Africa
Ismail H. M. Bagouri

22. Challenges and Trade-Offs in Environmental and Financial Approaches of the Afforestation of Degraded Lands
Viorel Blujdea

23. The EU-Funded Medcoastland Thematic Network and its Findings in Combating Land Degradation in the Mediterranean Region
Pandi Zdruli, Cosimo Lacirignola, Nicola Lamaddalena, Giuliana Trisorio Liuzzi

24. Managing Land Use, Protecting Land and Mitigating Land Degradation: Tanzania Case Study
R. S. Muyungi

25. Implementation of Initiatives for Addressing Climate Change and Land Degradation: A Look at the Philippine Context
Rodrigo U. Fuentes, Roger Concepcion

26. Successful Grassland Regeneration in a Severely Degraded Catchment: a Whole of Government Approach in North West Australia
P. E. Novelly, I. W. Watson

27. Land Degradation Management in Southern Africa
Josephine Philip Msangi

28. Successful Experiences of Sustainable Land Use in Hyperarid, Arid and Semiarid Zones from Peru
Juan Torres Guevara, Dora Velásquez Milla

29. Role of Organic Agriculture in Preventing and Reversing Land Degradation
Sue Edwards

30. Using Better Climate Prediction in the Implementation of National Action Programmes — (Eastern) Europe
Vesselin Alexandrov

31. Improving NAP Implementation through Effective Use of Early Warning: Experiences in the IGAD Sub-Region
Reuben Sinange

32. Role of Drought Monitoring and Management in NAP Implementation
Hossein Badripour

33. Climate and National Action Programs in Latin America
Gertjan B. Beekman

34. Conclusions and Recommendations
Mannava V. K. Sivakumar, Ndegwa Ndiang’ui

35. Workshop Statement


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