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Lateral Aligment of Epitaxial Quantum Dots

Lateral Aligment of Epitaxial Quantum Dots


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Table of contents

Part I. Lateral Self-Alignment

1. Physical Mechanisms of Self-Organized Formation of Quantum Dots

2. Routes Toward Lateral Self-Organization of Quantum Dots: the Model System SiGe on Si(001)

3. Short-Range Lateral Ordering of GeSi Quantum Dots Due to Elastic Interactions

4. Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Lateral Quantum-Dot Molecules Around Nanoholes

5. Energetics and Kinetics of Self-Organized Structure Formation in Solution Growth – the SiGe/Si System

6. Ge Quantum Dot Self-Alignment on Vicinal Substrates

7. Lateral Arrangement of Ge Self-Assembled Quantum Dots on a Partially Relaxed Si<sub>x</sub>Ge<sub>1-x</sub> Buffer Layer

8. Ordering of Wires and Self-Assembled Dots on Vicinal Si and GaAs (110) Cleavage Planes

9. Stacking and Ordering in Self-Organized Quantum Dot Multilayer Structures

10. Self-Organized Anisotropic Strain Engineering for Lateral Quantum Dot Ordering

11. Towards Quantum Dot Crystals via Multilayer Stacking on Different Indexed Surfaces

II. Forced Alignment

12. One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensionally Ordered GeSi Islands Grown on Prepatterned Si (001) Substrates

13. Ordered SiGe Island Arrays: Long Range Material Distribution and Possible Device Applications

14. Nanoscale Lateral Control of Ge Quantum Dot Nucleation Sites on Si(001) Using Focused Ion Beam Implantation

15. Ge Nanodroplets Self-Assembly on Focused Ion Beam Patterned Substrates

16. Metallization and Oxidation Templating of Surfaces for Directed Island Assembly

17. Site Control and Selective-Area Growth Techniques of In As Quantum Dots with High Density and High Uniformity

18. In(Ga)As Quantum Dot Crystals on Patterned GaAs(001) Substrates

19. Directed Arrangement of Ge Quantum Dots on Si Mesas by Selective Epitaxial Growth

20. Directed Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots by Local-Chemical-Potential Control via Strain Engineering on Patterned Substrates

21. Structural and Luminescence Properties of Ordered Ge Islands on Patterned Substrates

22. Formation of Si and Ge Nanostructures at Given Positions by Using Surface Microscopy and Ultrathin SiO<sub>2</sub> Film Technology

23. Pyramidal Quantum Dots Grown by Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition on Patterned Substrates

24. Large-Scale Integration of Quantum Dot Devices on MBE-Based Quantum Wire Networks

25. GaAs and InGaAs Position-Controlled Quantum Dots Fabricated by Selective-Area Metalloorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy

26. Spatial InAs Quantum Dot Positioning in GaAs Microdisk and Posts


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