Chomaz, Philippe

Dynamics and Thermodynamics with Nuclear Degrees of Freedom

Dynamics and Thermodynamics with Nuclear Degrees of Freedom


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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Challenges in nuclear dynamics and thermodynamics
F. Gulminelli, W. Trautmann, S. J. Yennello, Ph. Chomaz

II. Transport Properties

2. Modelization of the EOS
C. Fuchs, H. H. Wolter

3. Deducing the nuclear-matter incompressibility coefficient from data on isoscalar compression modes
S. Shlomo, V. M. Kolomietz, G. Colò

4. Systematics of stopping and flow in Au+Au collisions
A. Andronic, J. Lukasik, W. Reisdorf, W. Trautmann

5. High-energy probes
A. Bonasera, R. Coniglione, P. Sapienza

6. Neck dynamics
M. Toro, A. Olmi, R. Roy

III. Decay Properties

7. Systematics of fragment observables
B. Tamain

8. Correlations and characterization of emitting sources
G. Verde, A. Chbihi, R. Ghetti, J. Helgesson

9. Dynamical models for fragment formation
A. Ono, J. Randrup

10. Statistical description of nuclear break-up
A. S. Botvina, I. N. Mishustin

11. Comparisons of statistical multifragmentation and evaporation models for heavy-ion collisions
M. B. Tsang, R. Bougault, R. Charity, D. Durand, W. A. Friedman, F. Gulminelli, A. Fèvre, Al. H. Raduta, Ad. R. Raduta, S. Souza, W. Trautmann, R. Wada

12. Instabilities in nuclear matter and finite nuclei
V. Baran, J. Margueron

IV. Isospin Properties

13. Isospin flows
M. Toro, S. J. Yennello, B. -A. Li

14. Isotopic compositions and scalings
M. Colonna, M. B. Tsang

V. Signals of Phase Transitions

15. Evolution of the giant dipole resonance properties with excitation energy
D. Santonocito, Y. Blumenfeld

16. Nuclear thermometry
A. Kelic, J. B. Natowitz, K. -H. Schmidt

17. Calorimetry
V. E. Viola, R. Bougault

18. Moment analysis and Zipf law
Y. G. Ma

19. Many-fragment correlations and possible signature of spinodal fragmentation
B. Borderie, P. Désesquelles

20. Fluctuations of fragment observables
F. Gulminelli, M. D’Agostino

21. Bimodalities: A survey of experimental data and models
O. Lopez, M. F. Rivet

VI. Challenges and Perspectives

22. Detection
R. T. Souza, N. Neindre, A. Pagano, K. -H. Schmidt

23. Nuclear multifragmentation, its relation to general physics
D. H. E. Gross

24. Links between heavy ion and astrophysics
C. J. Horowitz

25. Possible links between the liquid-gas and deconfinement-hadronization phase transitions
I. N. Mishustin

26. The challenges of finite-system statistical mechanics
P. Chomaz, F. Gulminelli

27. Small fermionic systems: The common methods and challenges
J. Navarro, P. -G. Reinhard, E. Suraud


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Physics SCI055000

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Natural Sciences

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