Turton, Anthony R.

Governance as a Trialogue: Government-Society-Science in Transition

Governance as a Trialogue: Government-Society-Science in Transition


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Table of contents

1. Towards a Model for Ecosystem Governance: An Integrated Water Resource Management Example
Anthony R Turton, J Hattingh, Marius Claassen, Dirk J Roux, Peter J Ashton

Part 1. An Overview of Governance

2. Global Experience on Governance
Alan W Hall

3. National Perspectives on Water Governance: Lessons from the IWRM Planning Process in Malawi and Zambia
Alex Simalabwi

4. Good Ecosystem Governance: Balancing Ecosystems and Social Needs
Malin Falkenmark

5. The Role of Good Governance in Sustainable Development: Implications for Integrated Water Resource Management in Southern Africa
Peter J Ashton

6. Transnational Dimensions of Freshwater Ecosystem Governance
Ken Conca

Part 2. Interrogation of the Trialogue Model

7. From Dialogue to Trialogue: Sustainable Ecosystem Governance and Civil Society
Geoffrey D Gooch

8. Evolution of International Norms and Values for Transboundary Groundwater Governance
Raya Marina Stephan

9. Dynamics of Transboundary Groundwater Management: Lessons from North America
Michael E Campana, Alyssa M Neir, Geoffrey T Klise

10. Organisational Culture as a Function of Adaptability and Responsiveness in Public Service Agencies
Nyambe Nyambe, Charles Breen, Robert Fincham

11. Lessons from Changes in Governance of Fire Management: The Ukuvuka Operation Firestop Campaign
Sandra Fowkes

12. The Government-and-Society Challenge in a Fledgling Democracy — Ecosystem Governance in South Africa, with a Particular Focus on the Management of the Phongolo Floodplains and Reservoir
Barbara Schreiner

Part 3. Cross-cutting Governance Requirements

13. Principles Enabling Learning Environments for Good Ecosystem Governance
Dirk J Roux, Kevin Murray, Ernita Wyk

14. The Role of Communication in Governance: The River Health Programme as a Case Study
Wilma F Strydom, Liesl Hill, Estie Eloff

15. An Institutional Perspective on Governance — The Evolution of Integrated River Management in Victoria, Australia
Jane M Doolan

16. Ecosystem Governance and the Trialogue Debate: An Overview of the Trialogue Relationship and the Engagement along Interfaces
Linda Godfrey

17. The Trialogue Revisited: Quo Vadis Governance?
Anthony R Turton, J Hattingh


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