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Palladium Emissions in the Environment

Palladium Emissions in the Environment


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Table of contents

1.Sources of Palladium Emissions

1. Automotive Catalysts
Reinhard Böck

2. Release of Particulate and Acid Soluble Palladium from Catalytic Converters into the Environment
Mariella Moldovan, M Milagros Gómez-Gómez, M Antonia Palacios-Corvillo

3. Use and Demand of Palladium for the Industry
Reinhard Böck

4. Regional Distribution of Pd, Pt and Au-Emissions from the Nickel Industry on the Kola Peninsula, NW-Russia, as Seen in Moss and Humus Samples
Clemens Reimann, Heikki Niskavaara

2.Analytical Methods for Determination of Palladium in Biological and Environmental Materials

5. Analysis of Palladium by High Resolution ICP-MS
S Hann, E Rudolph, G Köllensperger, C Reiter

6. Determination of Palladium in Environmental Samples by ICP-MS after Preconcentration / Separation
M Milagros Gómez-Gómez, M Antonia Palacios-Corvillo

7. Sources of Error and their Elimination for Spectrometric Determination of Palladium in Environmental Samples
B Godlewska-Zylkiewicz, B Lesniewska

8. Collision Cell ICP-MS as Tool for the Determination of Palladium
Mariella Moldovan, Christophe Pechéyran, F X Donard Olivier

9. Solid Sampling GFAAS and ICPMS for the Determination of Trace Amounts of Palladium
Martín Resano, Frank Vanhaecke, Luc Moens

10. Preconcentration and Separation Methods for the Determination of Trace Palladium in Environmental Samples
Krystyna Pyrzynska

11. Analytical Problems and Validation of Methods for Determination of Palladium in Environmental Materials
R Djingova, P Kovacheva

12. ICP-MS and Te Co-Precipitation after Nickel Sulphide Fire-Assay Collection for Pd Determination in Roadside Soils
Ana Maria G Figueiredo, Jacinta Enzweiler, P R Morcelli Claudia, Jorge Sarkis

13. Determination of Ultra-Trace Levels of Palladium in Environmental Samples by Graphite Furnace Atomic Spectrometry Techniques
László Bencs, Khaiwal Ravindra, René Grieken

14. Determination of palladium in road dust and sewage sludge ashes
K Boch, M Schuster

15. Speciation of Palladium in Plants: Method Development for Investigating Metabolic Changes
Günther Weber

16. Analytical Procedure for the Quantification of in vitro Induced Pt- and Pd-DNA Adducts in Human Lung Cells
Zsolt Berner, Christoph Menzel, Andreas Zeller, Jörg-Detlef Eckhardt, Doris Stüben, Andrea Hartwig

17. HPLC, Extraction and Solubilities of Pd (II) - und Rh (III)-Dialkyldithiocarbamates and Other Chelate Chemistry
S Wilnewski, H Beer, B W Wenclawiak

18. Analytical Methods to Determine Palladium in Environmental Matrices: A Review
M Angelone, E Nardi, V Pinto, C Cremisini

3.Occurrence, Chemical Behaviour and Fate of Palladium in the Environment

19. Regional and Global Transport of Platinum Group Elements from Automobile Catalysts
Sebastien Rauch, Harold F Hemond, Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Carlo Barbante, Masanori Owari, Urban Wass, Gregory M Morrison

20. Palladium in Waste Waters and Surface Waters of North Rhine-Westfalia
D Schwesig, A Rübel, K Furtmann

21. Anthropogenic Emission of Pd and Traffic-Related PGEs — Results Based on Monitoring with Sewage Sludge
Doris Stüben, Thomas Kupper

22. The Importance of Assessing Variability in the Distribution of Anthropogenic Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium in Fluvial Sediments
Eveline Vos, Stephen J Edwards, Iain McDonald

23. Man-Induced Changes of Palladium in Polar and Alpine Snow and Ice Archives
Claude F Boutron, Carlo Barbante

24. Palladium in a Mountain Ecosystem (Aspe Valley, Pyrenees, France)
Mariella Moldovan, Sophie Veschambre, David Amouroux, Olivier F X Donard

25. Short-Term Variation of Palladium in Airborne Particulate Matter
Andreas Limbeck

26. Palladium in Airborne Particulate Matter: Total Concentrations and Particle Size Distribution
F Zereini, F Alt, J Messerschmidt, C Wiseman, A Bohlen, K Liebl, J Müller, W Püttmann

27. Source Characterization of Platinum Group Elements Using the Isotopic Composition of Osmium
Sebastien Rauch, Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Harold F Hemond

28. Temporal and Spatial Variation of Palladium in the Roadside Environment
S J Parry, K E Jarvis

29. Spatial and Temporal Variation of Anthropogenic Palladium in the Environment
László Bencs, Khaiwal Ravindra, René Grieken

30. Palladium in Environmental Matrices: A Review
M Angelone, V Pinto, E Nardi, C Cremisini

4.Bioavailability and Biomonitoring of Palladium

31. Biological Effects of Palladium
Bernd Sures, Christoph Singer, Sonja Zimmermann

32. Uptake of Palladium by the Fauna
Sonja Zimmermann, Bernd Sures

33. Biomonitoring of Palladium in the Environment Using Different Accumulation Indicators
Frankie Thielen, Sonja Zimmermann, Bernd Sures

34. Biomonitoring of Pt and Pd with Mosses
Sophie Ayrault, Chunsheng Li, André Gaudry

35. Distribution of Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium in Birds of Prey
Kristine H Ek, Sebastien Rauch, Gregory M Morrison, Peter Lindberg

5.Health Risk Potential of Palladium

36. Contact Dermatitis to Palladium
Edith Orion, Ronni Wolf

37. Palladium Occupational Exposure
Olle Nygren

38. Palladium from Catalytic Converters: Exposure Levels and Human Risk
Clare L S Wiseman

39. Palladium Toxicity in Animals and in in vitro Test Systems — An Overview
Christine Melber, Inge Mangelsdorf


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