Flapper, Simme Douwe P.

Managing Closed-Loop Supply Chains

Managing Closed-Loop Supply Chains


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Simme Douwe P. Flapper, Jo A.E.E. Nunen, Luk N. Wassenhove

2. Reverse logistics in a pharmaceutical company: the Schering case
Ruud H. Teunter, Karl Inderfurth, Stefan Minner, Rainer Kleber

3. Reverse logistics in an electronics company: the NEC-Cl case
Roland Geyer, Kumar Neeraj, Luk N. Wassenhove

4. The chip in crate: the Heineken case
Jan Dalen, Jo A.E.E. Nunen, Cyril M. Wilens

5. Recovery and reuse of maritime containers: the Blue Container Line case
Costas P. Pappis, Nikos P. Rachaniotis, Giannis T. Tsoulfas

6. Empty container reposition: the port of Rotterdam case
Albert W. Veenstra

7. Commercial returns of sun-protection products: the L’Oréal France case
Roelof Kuik, Jo A.E.E. Nunen, Job Coenen

8. Commercial returns of printers: the HP case
Sylvia Davey, V. Daniel R. Guide, Kumar Neeraj, Luk N. Wassenhove

9. Commercial returns in a mail order company: the Wehkamp case
René M.B. Koster, Joost P. Zuidema

10. The repair of electronic equipment: the OMRON case
Roelof Kuik, Jo A.E.E. Nunen, Jacky Gerrits, Marco H.P. Hogenboom

11. Tire recovery: the RetreadCo case
Laurens G. Debo, Luk N. Wassenhove

12. The closed-loop supply chain of service parts: the Whirlpool case
Marc Deneijer, Simme Douwe P. Flapper

13. End-of-lease asset recovery: the Océ case
Rob A. Zuidwijk, Erwin A. Laan, Leon Hoek

14. Cellular telephone reuse: the ReCellular Inc. case
V. Daniel R. Guide, Kumar Neeraj, Charles Newman, Luk N. Wassenhove

15. Recovery of car engines: the Mercedes-Benz case
Hans-Martin Driesch, Hans E. Oyen, Simme Douwe P. Flapper

16. Recovering end-of-life large white goods: the Dutch initiative
René B.M. Koster, Simme Douwe P. Flapper, Harold R. Krikke, W. Sander Vermeulen

17. End-of-life tire recovery: the Thessaloniki initiative
Sophia Panagiotidou, George Tagaras

18. Future developments in managing closed-loop supply chains
Simme Douwe P. Flapper, Jo A.E.E. Nunen, Luk N. Wassenhove


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Keywords: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management Science BUS042000

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