Markussen, Michael

Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity

Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity


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Table of contents

Part I.Global and general perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity

1. Global Conservation of Biodiversity from an Economic Point of View
Rainer Marggraf

2. Financial support for biodiversity protection in developing countries — does the CBD mechanism lead to an appropriate level of biodiversity protection?
Susanne Menzel

3. The Cartagena Protocol: trade related measures as a means to protect biological diversity from risks deriving from genetically modified organisms
Alexander Behrens

4. Policy-Windows for the Declaration of Protected Areas — A Comparative Case Study of East Germany and Guatemala
Heiko Garrelts, Regina Birner, Heidi Wittmer

5. Will companies engage in the conservation of biodiversity? A prototypical model of aggregated pro-biodiverse actions of industrial companies
Ralph Buse

Part II.Local, regional and nationwide perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity: Examples from Germany

6. Problems and Prospects of the Conservation of Biodiversity in Germany
Matthias Schaefer

7. The Designation of National Parks in German Nature Conservation Law
Tobias Hellenbroich

8. Conservation management of target species or conservation of processes — Winners and losers of two different conservation strategies
Judith Rothenbücher, Kai Bentlage, Peter Just

9. Valuation of ecosystem services provided by biodiversity conservation: an integrated hydrological and economic model to value the enhanced nitrogen retention in renaturated streams
Ingo Bräuer

10. Towards sustainable land use: Public demand for plant diversity in agricultural landscapes of central Germany
Anke Fischer

11. Narrating diversity: Plants, personal knowledge and life stories in German home gardens
Anne Holl

12. Aspects of bird valuation in Brandenburg-Prussia: Towards the significance of socio-economic conditions for biodiversity perception between the 16th and 20th century
Johannes Klose

Part III.Local, regional and nationwide perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity: Examples from Guatemala

13. Prospects and Challenges for Biodiversity Conservation in Guatemala
Regina Birner, Heidi Wittmer, Augustin Berghöfer, Michael Mühlenberg

14. Calculating Incentives for Watershed Protection. A Case Study In Guatemala
María A. Máñez Costa, Manfred Zeller

15. The cultural context of biodiversity conservation
Petra Maass

16. Direct payments for conservation — the importance of environmental measures in farming systems for bird populations in a fragmented landscape. A case study in Guatemala
María A. Máñez Costa, Swen C. Renner

17. Land use changes and abiotic aspects as basic conditions for conservation of biodiversity in a tropical montane cloud forest (Guatemala)
Michael Markussen, Swen C. Renner

18. Human impact on bird diversity and community structure in a tropical montane cloud forest in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, with special reference to the Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno)
Swen C. Renner, Michael Markussen

19. What drives biodiversity loss in the land of trees? A review of the economic and historical parameters causing deforestation in Guatemala
Ludger-Josef Loening, Hermann Sautter

Part IV.Epilogue: A general perspective on the evaluation of interdisciplinary research

20. Permanent Evaluation: An important tool for a quality assurance in interdisciplinary research
Philip W. Balsiger, Rudolf Kötter


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