Schubert, Ulrich

Materials Syntheses

Materials Syntheses


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Table of contents

1. Controlling Size and Morphology of Zeolite L
A. Z. Ruiz, D. Brühwiler, L. -Q. Dieu, G. Calzaferri

2. Zeolite A and ZK-4
C. Leiggener, A. Currao, G. Calzaferri

3. Mesostructured Silica Thin Films
J. Köhler, J. Geserick, N. Hüsing

4. Organically Modified Monolithic Silica Aerogels
N. Hüsing, U. Schubert

5. Porous Silica Gel by Acid Leaching of Metakaolin
C. Belver, M. Á. Vicente

6. Zirconia-Pillared Clays
M. A. Vicente, A. Gil

7. Montmorillonites with Mixed Aluminum-Lanthanide Oxide Pillars
C. Pesquera, C. Blanco, F. González

8. Birnessite-type Manganese Oxide by Redox Precipitation
Q. Feng, Z. -H. Liu, K. Ooi

9. Templated Carbon from Pyrolysis of Pyrene in Pillared Clay Matrices
G. Sandí, K. A. Carrado, R. E. Winans

10. Fiberous Carbon from Sepiolite Clay and Propylene
G. Sandí, K. A. Carrado, R. E. Winans

11. Aerosol Spray Synthesis of Porous Molybdenum Sulfide Powder
S. E. Skrabalak, K. Suslick

12. Sonochemically Prepared Molybdenum Sulfide
A. Ryder, K. Suslick

13. Doped Manganites
J. Spooren, R. I. Walton

14. Lithium Manganese Oxide Prepared by Flux Methods
W. Tang, Q. Feng, X. Yang, R. Chitrakar, K. Ooi

15. Nanoscale Magnesium Oxide
F. Khairallah, A. Glisenti

16. Nanostructured Pt-doped Tin Oxide Films
R. Scotti, C. Canevali, M. Mattoni, F. Morazzoni, L. Armelao, D. Barreca

17. Organically Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles
G. Kickelbick, D. Holzinger, S. Ivanovici

18. Copper Nanoparticles in Silica
U. Schubert, C. Lembacher, G. Trimmel

19. Copper Nanocrystals
S. D. Bunge, T. J. Boyle

20. Assembly of TOPO-Capped Silver Nanoparticles to Multilayered Films
Z. V. Saponjic, T. Rajh, N. M. Dimitrijevic

21. Colloidal Dispersion of Gold Nanoparticles
S. Gross

22. One-dimensional Nanorods and Nanowires
Hao Ming Chen, Ru-Shi Liu

23. Monolithic Tin-doped Silica Glass
N. Chiodini, F. Morazzoni, R. Scotti

24. Octaphenyloctasilsesquioxane and Polyphenylsilsesquioxane for Nanocomposites
S. -G. Kim, S. Sulaiman, D. Fargier, R. M. Laine

25. Polysilsesquicarbodiimide Xerogels
S. Nahar-Borchert, A. O. Gabriel, R. Riedel

26. Polyaniline — A Conducting Polymer
J. Stejskal, I. Sapurina

27. Allyl- and Hydroxytelechelic Poly(isobutylenes)
W. H. Binder, R. Zirbs

28. Symmetrically and Unsymmetrically Substituted Phthalocyanines
M. J. Ferreira Calvete, M. Hanack

Keywords: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Material Science TEC021000

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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