Sakas, Damianos E.

Operative Neuromodulation

Operative Neuromodulation


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Table of contents

1. An introduction to operative neuromodulation and functional neuroprosthetics, the new frontiers of clinical neuroscience and biotechnology
Damianos. E. Sakas, I. G. Panourias, B. A. Simpson, E. S. Krames

2. Electricity in the treatment of nervous system disease
H. Fodstad, M. Hariz

3. The current range of neuromodulatory devices and related technologies
A. Hatzis, George Stranjalis, C. Megapanos, P. G. Sdrolias, I. G. Panourias, D. E. Sakas

4. Management of chronic severe pain: spinal neuromodulatory and neuroablative approaches
Ahmed M. Raslan, S. McCartney, K. J. Burchiel

5. Intrathecal opioids for intractable pain syndromes
A. Koulousakis, Johannes Kuchta, A. Bayarassou, V. Sturm

6. Management of chronic back and leg pain by intrathecal drug delivery
Nikolai G. Rainov, V. Heidecke1

7. Drug-enhanced spinal stimulation for pain: a new strategy
Göran Lind, G. Schechtmann, J. Winter, B. Linderoth

8. Neurosurgical pain therapy with epidural spinal cord stimulation (SCS)
Johannes Kuchta, A. Koulousakis, V. Sturm

9. Spinal cord stimulation for failed back surgery syndrome and other disorders
C. L. Nicholson, Stefanos Korfias, A. Jenkins

10. Spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of chronic non-malignant pain
Günther Lanner, M. C. Spendel

11. Dual electrode spinal cord stimulation in chronic leg and back pain
Nikolai G. Rainov, W. Demmel, V. Heidecke

12. Factors affecting spinal cord stimulation outcome in chronic benign pain with suggestions to improve success rate
Krishna Kumar, J. R. Wilson

13. Hardware failures in spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for chronic benign pain of spinal origin
Nikolai G. Rainov, V. Heidecke

14. Minimally invasive placement of epidural plate electrodes under local anaesthesia in spinal cord stimulation
Tjemme Beems, R. T. M. Dongen

15. Implantation of surgical electrodes for spinal cord stimulation: classical midline laminotomy technique versus minimal invasive unilateral technique combined with spinal anaesthesia
Johan Vangeneugden

16. Peripheral nerve stimulation for the treatment of neuropathic craniofacial pain
Konstantin V. Slavin

17. Stimulation of the occipital nerve for the treatment of migraine: current state and future prospects
Lesco L. Rogers, S. Swidan

18. Occipital neurostimulation for treatment of intractable headache syndromes
Richard L. Weiner

19. The phenomenon of spasticity: a pathophysiological and clinical introduction to neuromodulation therapies
Konstantina B. Petropoulou, I. G. Panourias, C. -A. Rapidi, D. E. Sakas

20. Intrathecal baclofen in current neuromodulatory practice: established indications and emerging applications
I. G. Panourias, M. Themistocleous, Damianos E. Sakas

21. Intrathecal baclofen therapy: indications, pharmacology, surgical implant, and efficacy
Karen Ethans

22. Intrathecal baclofen in the treatment of spasticity
Dennis Dykstra, M. Stuckey, L. DesLauriers, D. Chappuis, L. Krach

23. Intrathecal baclofen therapy in patients with severe spasticity
Giuseppe A. Marra, G. D’Aleo, P. Bella, P. Bramanti

24. Intrathecal antispastic drug application with implantable pumps: results of a 10 year follow-up study
A. Koulousakis, Johannes Kuchta

25. Intrathecal baclofen for the treatment of spasticity
Ivano Dones

26. Management of spasticity in multiple sclerosis by intrathecal baclofen
Alessandro Dario, G. Tomei

27. Surgical management of spasticity of cerebral origin in children
S. Sgouros

28. Efficacy of intrathecal baclofen delivery in the management of severe spasticity in upper motor neuron syndrome
Johan S. Rietman, J. H. B. Geertzen

29. Intrathecal baclofen in the treatment of spasticity, dystonia and vegetative disorders
Isabelle Richard, P. Menei

30. Intrathecal baclofen in the management of post-stroke hypertonia: current applications and future directions
Gerard E. Francisco

31. Intrathecal baclofen in the treatment of post-stroke central pain, dystonia, and persistent vegetative state
Takaomi Taira, T. Hori

32. Neurophysiological basis and clinical applications of the H-reflex as an adjunct for evaluating response to intrathecal baclofen for spasticity
Dobrivoje S. Stokic, S. A. Yablon

33. The importance of neurorehabilitation to the outcome of neuromodulation in spasticity
Konstantina B. Petropoulou, I. G. Panourias, C. -A. Rapidi, D. E. Sakas

34. Epidural spinal cord stimulation in lower limb ischemia
Sciacca Vincenzo, T. Kyventidis

35. Spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of chronic critical limb ischemia
Luc G. Y. Claeys, W. Berg, S. Jonas

36. Cervical spinal cord stimulation in cerebral ischemia
C. D. Upadhyaya, Oren Sagher

37. Spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of post-stroke patients: current state and future directions
Francisco Robaina, B. Clavo

38. Neurostimulation for refractory angina pectoris
Sohail Ansari, K. Chaudhri, K. Moutaery

39. Diaphragm pacing with a spinal cord stimulator: current state and future directions
Takaomi Taira, T. Hori

40. Neuroprostheses for management of dysphagia resulting from cerebrovascular disorders
Dustin J. Tyler

41. Management and rehabilitation of neuropathic bladder in patients with spinal cord lesion
Christina-Anastasia Rapidi, I. G. Panourias, K. Petropoulou, D. E. Sakas

42. Sacral neuromodulation as a functional treatment of bladder overactivity
Jean Rodolphe Vignes, M. Seze, J. Guerin, M. Barat

43. Dorsal rhizotomy combined with anterior sacral root stimulation for neurogenic bladder
J. R. Vignes, Luc Bauchet, F. Ohanna

44. Surgical therapy of neurogenic detrusor overactivity (hyperreflexia) in paraplegic patients by sacral deafferentation and implant driven micturition by sacral anterior root stimulation: methods, indications, results, complications, and future prospects
Johannes Kutzenberger

45. Sacral neuromodulation in the treatment of defecation disorders
C. Ratto, A. Parello, L. Donisi, G. B. Doglietto

46. Sacral nerve stimulation for fecal disorders: evolution, current status, and future directions
Klaus E. Matzel

47. Neurally augmented sexual function
Stuart Meloy

48. Neuromodulatory approaches to chronic pelvic pain and coccygodynia
Sandesha Kothari

49. Neuromodulation by functional electrical stimulation (FES) of limb paralysis after stroke
Haim Ring, H. Weingarden

50. Neuromodulation of effects of upper limb motor function and shoulder range of motion by functional electric stimulation (FES)
Ray-Yau Wang

51. Neuromodulation of lower limb monoparesis: functional electrical therapy of walking
D. B. Popovic, T. Sinkjær

52. FES cycling
D. J. Newham, N. de N. Donaldson

53. Reconstruction of upper limb motor function using functional electrical stimulation (FES)
Isao Morita, M. W. Keith, T. Kanno

54. Neural prostheses in clinical practice: biomedical microsystems in neurological rehabilitation
Thomas Stieglitz

55. Neuroprosthetics of the upper extremity — clinical application in spinal cord injury and challenges for the future
Rüdiger Rupp, H. J. Gerner

56. Neural prostheses and biomedical microsystems in neurological rehabilitation
K. P. Koch

57. Restoration of neurological functions by neuroprosthetic technologies: future prospects and trends towards micro-, nano-, and biohybrid systems
Thomas Stieglitz

58. The role of spinal cord stimulation in the management of patients with brain tumors
Francisco Robaina, B. Clavo

59. Dorsal column stimulation for persistent vegetative state
Isao Morita, M. W. Keith, T. Kanno

60. Relationship between intrathecal baclofen and the central nervous system
Alessandro Dario, R. Pisani, S. Sangiorgi, F. Pessina, G. Tomei

61. Robot-aided rehabilitation of neural function in the upper extremities
Robert Riener

62. Experimental therapies for chronic pain
Nikolai G. Rainov, V. Heidecke


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