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People and Computers XIX — The Bigger Picture

People and Computers XIX — The Bigger Picture


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Table of contents

1. “Looking At the Computer but Doing It On Land”: Children’s Interactions in a Tangible Programming Space
Ylva Fernaeus, Jakob Tholander

2. The Usability of Digital Ink Technologies for Children and Teenagers
Janet C Read

3. PROTEUS: Artefact-driven Constructionist Assessment within Tablet PC-based Low-fidelity Prototyping
Dean Mohamedally, Panayiotis Zaphiris, Helen Petrie

4. The Reader Creates a Personal Meaning: A Comparative Study of Scenarios and Human-centred Stories
Georg Strøm

5. What Difference Do Guidelines Make? An Observational Study of Online-questionnaire Design Guidelines Put to Practical Use
Jo Lumsden, Scott Flinn, Michelle Anderson, Wendy Morgan

6. Designing Interactive Systems in Context: From Prototype to Deployment
Tim Clerckx, Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx

7. Using Context Awareness to Enhance Visitor Engagement in a Gallery Space
Peter Lonsdale, Russell Beale, Will Byrne

8. Engagement with an Interactive Museum Exhibit
Naomi Haywood, Paul Cairns

9. User Needs in e-Government: Conducting Policy Analysis with Models-on-the-Web
Barbara Mirel, Mary Maher, Jina Huh

10. Fit for Purpose Evaluation: The Case of a Public Information Kiosk for the Socially Disadvantaged
B L William Wong, Suzette Keith, Mark Springett

11. A Visuo-Biometric Authentication Mechanism for Older Users
Karen Renaud

12. A Computer Science HCI Course
Beryl Plimmer

13. Use and Usefulness of HCI Methods: Results from an Exploratory Study among Nordic HCI Practitioners
Ida Bark, Asbjørn Følstad, Jan Gulliksen

14. Building Usability in India: Reflections from the Indo-European Systems Usability Partnership
Andy Smith, Jan Gulliksen, Liam Bannon

15. Visualizing the Evolution of HCI
Chaomei Chen, Gulshan Panjwani, Jason Proctor, Kenneth Allendoerfer, Serge Aluker, David Sturtz, Mirjana Vukovic, Jasna Kuljis

16. “I thought it was terrible and everyone else loved it” — A New Perspective for Effective Recommender System Design
Philip Bonhard, M Angela Sasse

17. Rich Media, Poor Judgement? A Study of Media Effects on Users’ Trust in Expertise
Jens Riegelsberger, M Angela Sasse, John D McCarthy

18. Cultural Representations in Web Design: Differences in Emotions and Values
Claire Dormann

19. Interaction Design for Countries with a Traditional Culture: A Comparative Study of Income Levels and Cultural Values
Georg Strøm

20. Researching Culture and Usability — A Conceptual Model of Usability
Gabrielle Ford, Paula Kotzé

21. Distinguishing Vibrotactile Effects with Tactile Mouse and Trackball
Jukka Raisamo, Roope Raisamo, Katri Kosonen

22. HyperGrid — Accessing Complex Information Spaces
Hans-Christian Jetter, Jens Gerken, Werner König, Christian Grün, Harald Reiterer

23. Mixed Interaction Space — Expanding the Interaction Space with Mobile Devices
Thomas Riisgaard Hansen, Eva Eriksson, Andreas Lykke-Olesen

24. Static/Animated Diagrams and their Effect on Students Perceptions of Conceptual Understanding in Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Environments
Ruqiyabi Naz Awan, Brett Stevens

25. Media Co-authoring Practices in Responsive Physical Environments
Carlo Jacucci, Helen Pain, John Lee

26. Cognitive Model Working Alongside the User
Ion Juvina, Herre Oostendorp

27. Revisiting Web Design Guidelines by Exploring Users’ Expectations, Preferences and Visual Search Behaviour
Ekaterini Tzanidou, Shailey Minocha, Marian Petre, Andrew Grayson

28. Comparing Automatic and Manual Zooming Methods for Acquiring Off-screen Targets
Joshua Savage, Andy Cockburn

29. Forward and Backward Speech Skimming with the Elastic Audio Slider
Wolfgang Hürst, Tobias Lauer, Cédric Bürfent, Georg Götz

30. Design Patterns for Auditory Displays
C Frauenberger, T Stockman, V Putz, R Höldrich

31. Grand Challenges in HCI: the Quest for Theory-led Design
Alistair Sutcliffe

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet)

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