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The Concept of Race and Psychotherapy

The Concept of Race and Psychotherapy 
Publisher  Springer
Publication year  2011
Language  en
Edition  1
Imprint  Springer New York - New York, NY
Category  Psychology
Format  Ebook
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Table of contents

1. The Myth of Race
Jefferson M. Fish

2. The Spread of the Race Meme
Jefferson M. Fish

3. How Anthropology Can Help Psychology
Jefferson M. Fish

4. Divided Loyalties and the Responsibility of Social Scientists
Jefferson M. Fish

5. The Conservative–Liberal Alliance Against Freedom
Jefferson M. Fish

6. Sociocultural Theory and Therapy
Jefferson M. Fish

7. Common Elements in Therapy and Healing Across Cultures
Jefferson M. Fish

8. Discontinuous Change
Jefferson M. Fish

9. Does Problem Behavior Just Happen?
Jefferson M. Fish

10. Prevention, Solution-Focused Therapy, and the Illusion of Mental Disorders
Jefferson M. Fish

11. Strategic Thoughts About Solution-Focused Therapy
Jefferson M. Fish

12. A Cross-Cultural View of Solution-Focused Therapy
Jefferson M. Fish

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