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Publisher  Springer
Publication year  2008
Language  en
Edition  1
Category  Philosophy
Format  Ebook
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Table of contents

I. Preliminary Notes

1. Outline of Preliminary Notes

II. Setting the Scene: Some Notes on the Pre-history of Logic

2. The Mother of All Conflations: Parmenides' Proof

3. Early Disagreements Concerning the Power of Proofs: The Uses and Misuses of Dialogues

4. The Sophists' Challenge

III. Aristotle's Logic: The Rise of Essentialism

5. The Beginning is the Term

6. Chimera in the Dusk: Essentialism

7. Semantics is not Ontology

8. The Mother of All Matrices, or, How Terms Spawn Definitions and Syllogisms

9. The Conflation of the Source with the True, Good and Beautiful (Source)

10. Induction as Spell-Casting

11. The Birth of Induction from Sea Foam

12. Taxonomy of Reality by Syllogism

IV. Essentialism Besieged

13. Ad Hominem Logic: Logic between Aristotle and Boole

14. The Neglect of Judgment

15. Leibniz as Aristotle and Boole Conflated

16. Why Transcendental Logic is no Logic at All

V. The Fall of Essentialism

17. Extensionalism as Exorcism

18. Mathematical Logic: An Oxymoron

19. The Last Step


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