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High Time Resolution Astrophysics

High Time Resolution Astrophysics


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Table of contents

1. High Time Resolution Astrophysics and Pulsars
Andrew Shearer

2. High Time Resolution Observations of Cataclysmic Variables
S. P. Littlefair

3. High-Speed Optical Observations of X-ray Binaries
Tariq Shahbaz

4. Stellar Pulsation, Subdwarf B Stars and High Time Resolution Astrophysics
C. Simon Jeffery

5. High-Speed Optical Spectroscopy
T. R. Marsh

6. Photonic Astronomy and Quantum Optics
Dainis Dravins

7. ULTRACAM: An Ultra-Fast, Triple-Beam CCD Camera for High-Speed Astrophysics
V. S. Dhillon

8. OPTIMA: A High Time Resolution Optical Photo-Polarimeter
G. Kanbach, A. Stefanescu, S. Duscha, M. Mühlegger, F. Schrey, H. Steinle, A. Slowikowska, H. Spruit

9. From QuantEYE to AquEYE—Instrumentation for Astrophysics on its Shortest Timescales
C. Barbieri, G. Naletto, F. Tamburini, T. Occhipinti, E. Giro, M. D’Onofrio

10. Fast Spectroscopy and Imaging with the FORS2 HIT Mode
Kieran O’Brien

11. An Ultra-High-Speed Stokes Polarimeter forAstronomy
R. Michael Redfern, Patrick P. Collins

12. Use of an Extremely Large Telescope for HTRA
Oliver Ryan, Mike Redfern

13. EMCCD Technology in High Precision Photometry on Short Timescales
Niall Smith, Alan Giltinan, Aidan O’Connor, Stephen O’Driscoll, Adrian Collins, Dylan Loughnan, Andreas Papageorgiou

14. The Development of Avalanche Amplifying pnCCDs: A Status Report
L. Strüder, G. Kanbach, N. Meidinger, F. Schopper, R. Hartmann, P. Holl, H. Soltau, R. Richter, G. Lutz

15. Geiger-mode Avalanche Photodiodes for High Time Resolution Astrophysics
Don Phelan, Alan P. Morrison

16. Transition Edge Cameras for Fast Optical Spectrophotometry
Roger W. Romani, Thomas J. Bay, Jennifer Burney, Blas Cabrera

17. Imaging Photon Counting Detectors for High Time Resolution Astronomy
O. H. W. Siegmund, J. V. Vallerga, B. Welsh, A. S. Tremsin, J. B. McPhate


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