Zwaag, Sybrand

Self Healing Materials

Self Healing Materials


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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Material Design Principles: Damage Prevention versus Damage Management
Sybrand Zwaag

2. Self Healing Polymers and Composites
H. M. Andersson, Michael W. Keller, Jeffrey S. Moore, Nancy R. Sottos, Scott White

3. Re-Mendable Polymers
Sheba D. Bergman, Fred Wudl

4. Thermally Induced Self Healing of Thermosetting Resins and Matrices in Smart Composites
Frank R. Jones, Wenting Zhang, Simon A. Hayes

5. Ionomers as Self Healing Polymers
Russell Varley

6. Self Healing Fibre-reinforced Polymer Composites: an Overview
Ian P. Bond, Richard S. Trask, Hugo R. Williams, Gareth J. Williams

7. Self Healing Polymer Coatings
Rolf A. T. M. Benthem, Weihua (Marshall) Ming, Gijsbertus (Bert) With

8. Self Healing in Concrete Materials
Victor C. Li, En-Hua Yang

9. Self Healing Concrete: A Biological Approach
Henk M. Jonkers

10. Exploring Mechanism of H ealing in Asphalt Mixtures and Quantifying its Impact
Dallas N. Little, Amit Bhasin

11. Self Healing in Aluminium Alloys
Roger Lumley

12. Crack and Void Healing in Metals
Hua Wang, Peizheng Huang, Zhonghua Li

13. Advances in Transmission Electron Microscopy: Self Healing or is Prevention Better than Cure?
Jeff Th. M. Hosson, Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda

14. Self Healing in Coatings at High Temperatures
Wim G. Sloof

15. Hierarchical Structure and Repair of Bone: Deformation, Remodelling, Healing
Peter Fratzl, Richard Weinkamer

16. Modeling of Self Healing of Skin Tissue
Fred Vermolen, Miranda W. G. Rossum, Etelvina Javierre Perez, John Adam

17. Numerical Modelling of Self Healing Mechanisms
Joris J. C. Remmers, René Borst

Keywords: Physics, Soft Matter, Complex Fluids, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Building Materials, Crystallography

Publication year
Springer Series in Materials Science
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397 pages
Natural Sciences

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