Morrison, Gregory M.

Highway and Urban Environment

Highway and Urban Environment


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Table of contents

I. Vehicle Consumption and Emissions and Traffic Management

1. Engineering–economic simulations of sustainable transport policies
Theodoros Zachariadis

2. Life cycle environmental benefits of biodiesel production and use in Spain
Cristina de la Rúa, Y Lechón, H Cabal, C Lago, L Izquierdo, R Sáez

3. Engine management for Flex Fuel plus compressed natural gas vehicles
O Volpato, F Theunissen, R Mazara, Erik Verhaeven

4. Mobility and Environment in Spain
Pedro José Pérez-Martínez

5. Influence of gear-changing behaviour on fuel use and vehicular exhaust emissions
Carolein Beckx, Luc Int Panis, I De Vlieger, G Wets

6. Effect of speed reduction on emissions of heavy duty lorries
Luc Int Panis, I De Vlieger, L Pelkmans, L Schrooten

7. Gender-linked disparity in vehicle exhaust emissions? Results from an activity-based survey
Carolein Beckx, Luc Int Panis, M Vanhulsel, G Wets, R Torfs

8. Floating Automotive Data Collection
A Schaerf, S Kumra, R Mazara, L Pelkmans, Erik Verhaeven

9. Reducing car trip and pollutant emissions through strategic transport planning in Madrid, Spain
A Monzón, A M Pardeiro, L A Vega

10. Evaluation of car control measures based on an Internet-based travel survey system
N Harata, S Aono

11. Integrating cycling in Bus Rapid Transit system in Accra
Magnus Quarshie

II. Air Pollution and Air Quality

12. Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide in rainwater in downtown São Paulo
M A Santos, J J Pedrotti, Adalgiza Fornaro

13. The comparison of pollutant concentrations in liquid falling and deposited precipitation, and throughfall
J Fisak, P Chaloupecky, D Rezacova, M Vach, P Skrivan, J Spickova

14. Wet deposition at Llandaff station in Cardiff
E Abogrean, G Karani, J Collins, R Cook

15. Monitoring the atmospheric deposition of particulate-associated urban contaminants, Coventry, UK
Susanne Charlesworth, C Booty, J Beasant

16. Size, morphological and chemical characterization of aerosols polluting the Beijing atmosphere in January/February 2005
Stefan Norra, B Hundt, Doris Stüben, K Cen, C Liu, V Dietze, E Schultz

17. Air pollution levels in two São Paulo subway stations
R K Fujii, P Oyola, J C R Pereira, A S Nedel, R C Cacavallo

18. Air quality nearby different typologies of motorways: Intercomparison and correlation
C S Martins, E Ferreira

19. Assessment of air pollution in the vicinity of major alpine routes
Peter Suppan, K Schäfer, J Vergeiner, S Emeis, F Obleitner, E Griesser

20. The relative impact of automobile catalysts and Russian smelters on PGE deposition in Greenland
Sébastien Rauch, J Knutsson

21. Cultural heritage stock at risk from air pollution
John Watt, E Andrews, N Machin, R Hamilton, S Beevers, D Dajnak, X Guinart, P de la Viesca Cosgrove

III. Contaminated Environments and Remediation

22. Organic contaminants in urban sediments and vertical leaching in road ditches
Ann-Margret Strömvall, Malin Norin, Thomas Pettersson

23. The use of an epiphyte (Tillandsia usneoides L.) as bioindicator of heavy metal pollution in São Pauo, Brazil
Ana Maria Graciano Figueiredo, C A Nogueira, B Markert, H Heidenreich, S Fränzle, G Liepelt, M Saiki, M Domingos, F M Milian, U Herpin

24. On-line matrix separation for the determination of PGEs in sediments by ICP-MS
A De Boni, W Cairns, G Capodaglio, P Cescon, G Cozzi, S Rauch, H F Hemond, C Boutron, C Barbante

25. Determination of PGE and REE in urban matrices and fingerprinting of traffic emission contamination
Massimo Angelone, F Spaziani, C Cremisini, A Salluzzo

26. Sorption behaviour of Pt, Pd, and Rh on different soil components: results of an experimental study
J Dikikh, Detlef Eckhardt, Z Berner, Doris Stüben

27. Reactive soil barriers for removal of chromium(VI) from contaminated soil
Ann-Margret Strömvall, Malin Norin, H Inanta

28. Cleaning of highway runoff using a reactive filter treatment plant – a pilot-scale column study
G Renman, M Hallberg, J Kocyba

29. Heavy metal removal efficiency in a kaolinite–sand media filtration pilot-scale installation
P J Ramísio, J M P Vieira

IV. Storm Water

30. Site assessment of road-edge grassed channels for highway drainage
M Escarameia, A J Todd

31. Evaluation of the runoff water quality from a tunnel wash
A E Barbosa, J Saraiva, Thomas Leitão

32. An investigation of urban water and sediment ecotoxicity in relation to metal concentrations
L Scholes, R Mensah, D M Revitt, R H Jones

33. Establishing a procedure to predict highway runoff quality in Portugal
A E Barbosa

34. A field microcosm method to determine the impact of sediments and soils contaminated by road runoff on indigenous aquatic macroinvertebrates
V Pettigrove, S Marshall, B Ryan, A Hoffmann

35. Assessment of storm water ecotoxicity using a battery of biotests
L Scholes, A Baun, M Seidl, E Eriksson, M Revitt, J -M Mouchel

36. Is catchment imperviousness a good indicator of ecosystem health?
V Pettigrove

V. Storm Water Treatment

37. Evolution on pollutant removal efficiency in storm water ponds due to changes in pond morphology
Thomas Pettersson, D Lavieille

38. Characterization of road runoff and innovative treatment technologies
M Boller, S Langbein, Michele Steiner

39. Development and full-scale implementation of a new treatment scheme for road runoff
M Boller, S Langbein, Michele Steiner

40. Reactive filters for removal of dissolved metals in highway runoff
G Renman, M Hallberg

41. Designing filters for copper removal for the secondary treatment of storm water
H Genç-Fuhrman, P Steen Mikkelsen, A Ledin

42. Modelling the oxygen mass balance of wet detention ponds receiving highway runoff
Heidi Ina Madsen, Jes Vollertsen, Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen

43. Monitoring and modelling the performance of a wet pond for treatment of highway runoff in cold climates
Jes Vollertsen, S O Åstebøl, J E Coward, T Fageraas, Heidi Ina Madsen, Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen, A H Nielsen

44. Can we close the long-term mass balance equation for pollutants in highway ponds?
Thomas Rudy Bentzen, T Larsen, M R Rasmussen

VI. Environmental Assessment and Effects

45. Cardiovascular and respiratory variability related to air pollution and meteorological variables in Oporto, Portugal – preliminary study
J M Azevedo, Fabio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves, A R Leal

46. Component analysis on respiratory disease variability at São Paulo
Fabio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves, M S Coelho, M R D Latorre

47. Management and optimization of environmental information using integrated technology: a case study in the city of São Paulo, Brazil
A S Nedel, P Oyola, R K Fujii, R C Cacavallo

48. Using Bayesian inference to manage uncertainty in probabilistic risk assessments in urban environments
E Chacón, Eduardo De Miguel, I Iribarren

49. An assessment framework for urban water systems – a new approach combining environmental systems with service supply and consumer perspectives
Christina Lundéhn, Gregory M. Morrison

50. Large area noise evaluation
E Chung, A Bhaskar, M Kuwahara

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Terrestrial Pollution, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution

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Alliance For Global Sustainability Bookseries
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