Nitiss, John L.

Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research

Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research


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Table of contents

1. From DNA Replication to Genome Instability in Schizosaccharomyces Pombe: Pathways to Cancer
Julie M. Bailis, Susan L. Forsburg

2. Dissecting Layers of Mitotic Regulation Essential for Maintaining Genomic Stability
Jennifer S. Searle, Yolanda Sanchez

3. Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research: Nuclear Trafficking
Anita H. Corbett, Adam C. Berger

4. Studies of Protein Farnesylation in Yeast
Nitika Thapar, Fuyuhiko Tamanoi

5. From Bread to Bedside: What Budding Yeast has Taught us about the Immortalization of Cancer Cells
Soma S. R. Banik, Christopher M. Counter

6. HSP90 Co-Chaperones in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Marija Tesic, Richard F. Gaber

7. Yeast as a Model System for Studying Cell Cycle Checkpoints
Carmela Palermo, Nancy C. Walworth

8. Metabolism and Function of Sphingolipids in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Relevance to Cancer Research
L. Ashely Cowart, Yusuf A. Hannun, Lina M. Obeid

9. Exploring and Restoring the p53 Pathway Using the p53 Dissociator Assay in Yeast
Rainer K. Brachmann

10. Functional Analysis of the Human p53 Tumor Suppressor and its Mutants Using Yeast
Alberto Inga, Francesca Storici, Michael A. Resnick

11. ABC Transporters in Yeast – Drug Resistance and Stress Response in a Nutshell
Karl Kuchler, Christoph Schüller

12. The FHCRC/NCI Yeast Anticancer Drug Screen
Susan L. Holbeck, Julian Simon

13. Yeast as a Model to Study the Immunosuppressive and Chemotherapeutic Drug Rapamycin
John R. Rohde, Sara A. Zurita-Martinez, Maria E. Cardenas

14. Use of Yeast as a Model System for Identifying and Studying Anticancer Drugs
Jun O. Liu, Julian A. Simon

15. Genetic Analysis of Cisplatin Resistance in Yeast and Mammals
Seiko Ishida, Ira Herskowitz

16. Using Yeast Tools to Dissect the Action of Anticancer Drugs: Mechanisms of Enzyme Inhibition and Cell Killing by Agents Targeting DNA Topoisomerases
Anna T. Rogojina, Zhengsheng Li, Karin C. Nitiss, John L. Nitiss


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