Davidson, Joseph K.

Models for Computer Aided Tolerancing in Design and Manufacturing

Models for Computer Aided Tolerancing in Design and Manufacturing


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Table of contents

1. A Unified Approach to Design of Assemblies Integrating Nominal and Variation Design
D. E. Whitney

2. Virtual Gauge Representation for Geometric Tolerances in CAD-CAM Systems
E. Pairel, P. Hernandez, M. Giordano

3. Modal Expression of Form Defects
F. Formosa, S. Samper

4. Dependence and Independence of Variations of a Geometric Object
P. Serré, A. Rivière, A. Clément

5. A Model for a Coherent and Complete Tolerancing Process
L. Mathieu, A. Ballu

6. Tolerance-Maps Applied to the Straightness and Orientation of an Axis
S. Bhide, G. Ameta, J. K. Davidson, J.J. Shah

7. Information Modeling to Manage Tolerances during Product and Process Design
J.-Y. Dantan, T. Landmann, A. Siadat, P. Martin

8. Relative Positioning of Planar Parts in Toleranced Assemblies
Y. Ostrovsky-Berman, L. Joskowicz

9. Geometrical Variations Management in a Multi-Disciplinary Environment with the Jacobian-Torsor Model
A. Desrochers

10. Tolerance Analysis and Synthesis by Means of Deviation Domains, Axi-Symmetric Cases
M. Giordano, S. Samper, J. P. Petit

11. Re-Design of Mechanical Assemblies using the Unified Jacobian-Torsor Model for Tolerance Analysis
W. Ghie, L. Laperrière, A. Desrochers

12. Complex Mechanical Structure Tolerancing by Means of Hyper-graphs
M. Giordano, E. Pairel, P. Hernandez

13. An Efficient Solution to the Discrete Least-Cost Tolerance Allocation Problem with General Loss Functions
J Lööf, T Hermansson, R Söderberg

14. Monitoring Coordinate Measuring Machines by User-Defined Calibrated Parts
A. Weckenmann, S. Beetz, J. Lorz

15. Evaluation of Geometric Deviations in Sculptured Surfaces Using Probability Density Estimation
A. Barari, H. A. ElMaraghy, G. K. Knopf

16. How to Automate the Geometrical Tolerances Inspection: A Reverse Engineering Approach
M. Germani, F. Mandorli

17. A New Algorithm to Assess Revolute Surfaces through Theory of Surface Continuous Symmetry
W. Polini, U. Prisco, G. Giorleo

18. Statistical Modelling of Geometrical Invariant Sampled Sets
P. Chiabert, M. De Maddis

19. Simulation of the Manufacturing Process in a Tolerancing Point of View: Generic Resolution of the Positioning Problem
F. Villeneuve, F. Vignat

20. Surface Best Fit: Generated Distribution of the Real Manufacturing Process
S. Aranda, J. M. Linares, J. M. Sprauel, P. Bourdet

21. Position Deviation of a Holes Pattern Due to Six-Point Locating Principle
W. Polini, G. Moroni

22. Tolerance Assignment Using Genetic Algorithm for Production Planning
H. Song, Y. D. Yang, Y. Zhou, Y. K. Rong

23. Impact of Geometric Uncertainties Onto the Operating Performance of a Mechanical System
J. M. Linares, J. M. Sprauel, P. Aranda, P. Bourdet

24. Influence of the Standard Components Integration on the Tolerancing Activity
J. Dufaure, D. Teissandier, G. Debarbouille

25. Surfaces Seam Analysis
J.-P. Petit, S. Samper, I. Perpoli

26. Statistical Tolerance Analysis of Gears by Tooth Contact Analysis
J. Bruyere, J.-Y. Dantan, R. Bigot, P. Martin

27. Tolerance Analysis and Allocation using Tolerance-Maps for a Power Saw
A. D. Jian, G. Ameta, J. K. Davidson, J. J. Shah

28. Error Analysis of a NanoMechanical Drill
A. Bryan, J. Camelio, S. J. Hu, N. Joshi, A. Malshe

29. Tolerance Synthesis of Higher Kinematic Pairs
M.-H. Kyung, E. Sacks

30. Geometrical Study of Assembly Behaviour, Taking into Accounts Rigid Components’ Deviations, Actual Geometric Variations and Deformations
G. Cid, F. Thiebaut, P. Bourdet, H. Falgarone

31. Practical Implications in Tolerance Analysis of Sheet Metal Assemblies: Experiences from an Automotive Application
S. Dahlström, L. Lindkvist, R. Söderberg

32. Predicting Deformation of Compliant Assemblies Using Covariant Statistical Tolerance Analysis
M. R. Tonks, K. W. Chase, C. C. Smith

33. Elastic Clearance Domain and Use Rate Concept Applications to Ball Bearings and Gears
S. Samper, J.-P. Petit, M. Giordano

34. Tolerance Verification for Sheet Metal Bending Factors Influencing Dimensional Accuracy of Bent Parts
T. H. M. Nguyen, J. R. Duflou, J.-P. Kruth, I. Stouten, J. Van Hecke, A. Van Bael

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Simulation and Modeling, Industrial and Production Engineering, Optimization

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