Baba, Alper

Groundwater and Ecosystems

Groundwater and Ecosystems


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Table of contents

1. Remote sensing techniques to monitoring coastal plain areas suffering from salt water intrusion and etection of fresh water discharge in coastal, karstic areas: case studies from greece
T. Astaras, D. Oikonomidis

2. Effects of fly ash from coal-burning electrical utilities on ecosystem and utilization of fly ash
Alper Baba, M. A. Usmen

3. Groundwater age: a vital information in protecting the groundwater dependent ecosystem
Sardar Bayari, N. N. Ozyurt, Z. Hatipoglu, S. Kilani

4. Groundwater in semi-arid mediterranean areas: desertification, soil salinization and ecosystems
A. Chambel

5. Assessment of vulnerability of water resources to climate change: ecohydrological implications
M. Ekmekci, L. Tezcan

6. Predicting probable effects of urbanization on future ecological integrity in the upper illinois river basin, USA
M. J. Friedel

7. Geochemical modelling of geothermal fluids - application of the computer program SOLMINEQ.88
L. B. Giese, L. Cetiner

8. Ground water vulnerability assessment for intermontane valleys using chu valley of kyrghyzstan as an example
R. Litvak, E. Nemaltseva, L. Morris

9. Surface/subsurface interactions: coupling mechanisms and numerical solution procedures
Orhan Gunduz

10. Ground-surface water interactions and the role of the hyporheic zone
Ken W. F. Howard, H. S. Maier, S. L. Mattson

11. Ground water management at irrigated lands of uzbekistan and its influence on ecological system
R. Ikramov

12. Improved groundwater management strategies at the amu darya river
J. Froebrich, M. Ikramova, R. Razakov

13. The impact of groundwater production and exploitation on ecosystem in azerbaijan
R. Israfilov, Y. Israfilov, M. Ismailova

14. On modelling of ground and surface water interactions
J. Kania, A. Haladus, S. Witczak

15. Nitrogen leaching in an aquatic terrestrial transition zone
J. Kern, H. J. Hellebrand, Y. Kavdir

16. Interactions between groundwater – surface water and terrestrial eco-systems
S. Kirk

17. Natural water supply and fertilization interactions on crops yield in fragile agroecosystem
M. László

18. Groundwater fluxes in arid and semi-arid environments
M. W. Lubczynski

19. Water management in thessaly, central greece
N. Margaris, C. Galogiannis, M. Grammatikaki

20. Modeling of heavy metal contamination within an irrigated area
G. Melikadze, T. Chelidze, J. Leveinen

21. Using of groundwater for increasing of water supply of irrigation systems in arid zone
K. Mukhamejanov, F. Vyshpolsky

22. Groundwater modelling in atlantic coastal ecosystems (south portugal)
J. Condeça, I. Pinheiro, M. Oliveira da Silva, A. Chambel

23. Global change, its impact on functions of aquifer systems and their dependent ecosystems
S. Puri

24. The vulnerability of groundwater dependent ecosystems: a study on the porsuk river basin (turkey) as a typical example
G. Yuce

Keywords: Geosciences, Applied Geosciences, Environment, general, Applied Ecology, Geoecology/Natural Processes

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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