Cheng, K.S.

Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources

Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources


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Table of contents

1. The Multiwavelength Approach to Unidentified Gamma-Ray Sources
David J. Thompson

2. Regular Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Jets
Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan

3. The Converter Mechanism of Particle Acceleration and its Applications to the Unidentified EGRET Sources
E.V. Derishev, F.A. Aharonian, V.V. Kocharovsky, Vl.V. Kocharovsky

4. An Examination of Candidate AGN Counterparts to Unidentified EGRET Sources
Philip G. Edwards

5. A Search for TeV Emission from X-Ray Selected AGN with Milagro
Elizabeth Hays

6. Beaming Effects in GRBs and Orphan Afterglows
Y.F. Huang, T. Lu, K.S. Cheng

7. Pulsar Slot Gaps and Unidentified EGRET Sources
Alice Harding, Alexander Muslimov

8. Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet Gamma-Ray Pulsars from the Galaxy and the Gould Belt
P.L. Gonthier, R. Guilder, A.K. Harding, I.A. Grenier, C.A. Perrot

9. Gamma-Ray Emission from Pulsar Outer Magnetospheres
Kouichi Hirotani

10. Pulsar Wind Nebulae in EGRET Error Boxes
Mallory S.E. Roberts, Crystal L. Brogan, Bryan M. Gaensler, Jason W.T. Hessels, C.-Y. Ng, Roger W. Romani

11. Pulsar Radio and Gamma-Ray Emission
R.N. Manchester

12. Unidentified ?-Ray Sources off the Galactic Plane as Low-Mass Microquasars?
I.A. Grenier, M.M. Kaufman Bernadó, G.E. Romero

13. On the Nature of the Variable Gamma-Ray Sources at Low Galactic Latitudes
Valentí Bosch-Ramon, Gustavo E. Romero, Josep M. Paredes

14. Spectral Properties of Black Holes in Gamma Rays
Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti

15. Towards a Population of HMXB/NS Microquasars as Counterparts of Low-Latitude Unidentified EGRET Sources
M. Ribó, J.A. Combi, I.F. Mirabel

16. The Large-Scale, Decelerating X-Ray Jets from the Microquasar XTE J1550—564: Evidence for External Shocks Caused by the Jet-Ism Interaction?
X.Y. Wang, Z.G. Dai, T. Lu

17. Gamma-Ray Emission from Be/X-Ray Binaries
M. Orellana, G.E. Romero

18. Low-Mass Quark Stars
Renxin Xu

19. The Spiral ARM Connection of EGRET Unidentified Sources
Torafumi Miyagi, Dipen Bhattacharya, Allen D. Zych

20. Cosmic Ray Acceleration Inside Molecular Clouds
V.A. Dogiel, A.V. Gurevich, Ya.N. Istomin, K.P. Zybin

21. Methanol Masers as Precursors of Gamma-Ray Sources
M. Holleran, O.C. Jager

22. Identifying Variable ?-Ray Sources Through Radio Observations
Josep M. Paredes, J. Martí, D.F. Torres, G.E. Romero, J.A. Combi, V. Bosch-Ramon, J. García-Sánchez

23. Revealing the Nature of the Obscured High Mass X-Ray Binary IGR J16318-4848
Sylvain Chaty, Philippe Filliatre

24. Status and First Results of the Magic Telescope
Juan Cortina

25. The Neutrino Telescope Antares
Juan José Hernández-Rey

26. Identification of Shocks in the Spectra from Black Holes
Samir Mandal, Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti

27. An Overview of the Veritas Prototype Telescope and Camera
Peter Cogan

28. Comptel Constraints on Unidentified EGRET Sources
Shu Zhang, Werner Collmar, Volker Schönfelder

29. On the Multiplicity of the O-Star Cyg OB2 #8A and its Contribution to the ?-Ray Source 3EG J2033+4118
Michael Becker, Gregor Rauw, Jean-Pierre Swings

30. Do the Unidentified EGRET Sources Trace Annihilating Dark Matter in the Local Group?
J. Flix, J.E. Taylor, M. Martínez, F. Prada, J. Silk, J. Cortina

31. Coherent Synchrotron Radiation of Gamma-Ray Bursts
K.G. Gainullin, A.M. Zlobin

32. Constraints on Extra-Dimensions and Variable Constants from Cosmological Gamma-Ray Bursts
T. Harko, K.S. Cheng

33. Search for TeV Gamma-Rays from 3EG J1234-1318 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Takahiro Hattori, Kyoshi Nishijima

34. Multiwavelength Study of Two Unidentified ?-Ray Sources
Nicola Palombara, Patrizia Caraveo, Roberto Mignani, Evanthia Hatziminaoglou, Giovanni F. Bignami, Mischa Schirmer

35. A New TeV Source Confirmed in Whipple Archival Data: TeV J2032+41
M.J. Lang, D.A. Carter-Lewis, D.J. Fegan, S.J. Fegan, A.M. Hillas, R.C. Lamb, M. Punch, P.T. Reynolds, T.C. Weekes

36. The Prompt Ultraviolet/Soft X-Ray Emission of GRBs
Zhuo Li, Li-Ming Song

37. Periodicity Search in the X-Ray Data of RX J0007.0+7302
Lupin C.-C. Lin, Hsiang-Kuang Chang

38. The Klein—Nishina Effects in Blazar Jets
R. Moderski, M. Sikora

39. Detectivity of Unidentified EGRET Sources as Gamma-Ray Pulsars with the Magic Telescope
R. Orduña, C. Baixeras, A. Carramiñana, V. Fonseca

40. On the Nature of the Unidentified X-Ray/?-Ray Sources IGR J18027-1455 and IGR J21247+5058
J.A. Combi, M. Ribó, I.F. Mirabel

41. Status of the Connection between Unidentified EGRET Sources and Supernova Remnants: The Case of CTA 1
Diego F. Torres, Thomas M. Dame, Gustavo E. Romero

42. Spectral Constraints for Millisecond Pulsars Due to General Relativistic Frame Dragging
C. Venter, O.C. Jager

43. A Multiwavelength Investigation of Unidentified EGRET Sources
P. Wallace, S. Bloom, M. Lewis

44. X-Ray Lines in Gamma-Ray Bursts and Cerenkov Line Mechanism
Wei Wang

45. Line Emission from Conical Jets Around Rotating Black Holes
Ye-Fei Yuan, Bo Li, Jian-Min Wang

46. A Survey of Unidentified EGRET Sources at TeV Energies
S.J. Fegan, T.C. Weekes

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Measurement Science, Instrumentation

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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