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Transboundary Water Resources: Strategies for Regional Security and Ecological Stability

Transboundary Water Resources: Strategies for Regional Security and Ecological Stability


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Table of contents

Chapter 1. The global water crisis : Problems and perspectives

1. Environmentally Sustainable Water Use for Sustainable Development and Enhancing Security in Central Asia
D.H. Smith

2. On the Problem of the Caspian Sea Level Forecasting
M.V. Bolgov, M.K. Filimonova, M.D. Trubetskova

Chapter 2. regional experiences in solving water problems in Central Asia

3. Regional Experiences in Water Resources Problem Solving in Kyrgyzstan
D. Mamatkanov

4. Regional Experience in Solving Problems of Water Resources in Uzbekistan
Sh. Kh. Rakhimov

5. Regional Experiences in Solving of Water Resources Problems in Tajikistan
I. Normatov

Chapter 3. Problems and management of transboundary water resources

6. Challenges of Transboundary Water Management in the Danube River Basin
J. Bendow

7. Transboundary Water Problems in the Basin of the Irtysh River
Yu. I. Vinokurov, I.V. Zherelina, V.I. Zanosova

8. Transboundary Water Problems in the Kur — Araz Basin
R.M. Mamedov, M.R. Mansimov, Kh. R. Ismatova

Chapter 4. Ecological and economic aspects of water management

9. Nature Conservation and Sustainable Management of Biodiversity
R. Kinzelbach

10. Sustainable Water Management in Europe — the Water Framework Directive
H. Jekel

11. The Role of Economics to Promote a Sustainable Use and Management of Transboundary Water Resources
P. Hellegers

Chapter 5. Scientific analysis and tools of water changes

12. Satellite Altimetry for Monitoring Lake Level Changes
J.-F. Cretaux, A. Kouraev, M. Berge-Nguyen, A. Cazenave, F. Papa

Chapter 6. Strategic implications of water access

13. Treaty Principles and Patterns: Selected International Water Agreements as Lessons for the Resolution of the Syr Darya and Amu Darya Water Dispute
S. Dinar

14. Critical Geography — the Strategic Influence of Water in Central Asia
P.H. Liotta


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