Flandre, Denis

Science and Technology of Semiconductor-On-Insulator Structures and Devices Operating in a Harsh Environment

Science and Technology of Semiconductor-On-Insulator Structures and Devices Operating in a Harsh Environment


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Table of contents

1. High Temperature Electronics - Cluster Effects
Colin Johnston, Alison Crossley

2. On the Evolution of SOI Materials and Devices
Jean-Pierre Colinge

3. SOI Technology as a Basis for Microphotonic-Microelectronic Integrated Devices
M.Yu. Barabanenkov, V.V. Aristov, V.N. Mordkovich

4. Smart Cut Technology: The Path for Advanced SOI Substrates
H. Moriceau, C. Lagahe-Blanchard, F. Fournel, S. Pocas, E. Jalaguier, P. Perreau, C. Deguet, T. Ernst, A. Beaumont, N. Kernevez, J.M. Hartman, B. Ghyselen, C. Aulnette, F. Letertre, O. Rayssac, B. Faure, C. Richtarch, I. Cayrefourq

5. Porous Silicon Based SOI: History and Prospects
V. Bondarenko, G. Troyanova, M. Balucani, A. Ferrari

6. Achievement of SiGe-on-Insulator Technology
Yukari Ishikawa, N. Shibata, S. Fukatsu

7. CVD Diamond Films for SOI Technologies
V. Ralchenko, T. Galkina, A. Klokov, A. Sharkov, S. Chernook, V. Martovitsky

8. Radical Beam Quasiepitaxy Technology for Fabrication of Wide-Gap Semiconductors on Insulator
Giorgi Natsvlishvili, Tamaz Butkhuzi, Maia Sharvashidze, Lia Trapaidze, Dimitri Peikrishvili

9. Impact of Hydrostatic Pressure during Annealing of Si:O on Creation of Simox - Like Structures
A. Misiuk, J. Ratajczak, J. Katcki, I.V. Antonova

10. SiO2 and Si3N4 Phase Formation by Ion Implantation with In-Situ Ultrasound Treatment
O. Martinyuk, D. Mazunov, V. Melnik, Ya. Olikh, V. Popov, B. Romanyuk, I. Lisovskii

11. Fabrication and Characterisation of Silicon on Insulator Substrates Incorporating Thermal Vias
M. F. Bain, P. Baine, D. W. McNeill, G. Srinivasan, N. Jankovic, J. McCartney, R. A. Moore, B. M. Armstrong, H. S. Gamble

12. Reliability and Electrical Fluctuations in Advanced SOI CMOS Devices
Jalal Jomaah, Francis Balestra

13. Hydrogen and High-Temperature Charge Instability of SOI Structures and MOSFETs
A.N. Nazarov

14. Recent Advances in SOI MOSFET Devices and Circuits for Ultra-Low Power / High Temperature Applications
David Levacq, Vincent Dessard, Denis Flandre

15. Silicon-on-Insulator Circuits for Application at High Temperatures
V. Nakov, D. Nuernbergk, S.G.M. Richter, S. Bormann, V. Schulze, S.B. Richter

16. High-Voltage SOI Devices for Automotive Applications
Jörgen Olsson

17. Heat Generation Analysis in SOI LDMOS Power Transistors
J. Roig, D. Flores, J. Urresti, S. Hidalgo, J. Rebollo

18. Novel SOI MOSFET Structure for Operation over a Wide Range of Temperatures
V. Ya. Uritsky

19. MOSFETs Scaling Down: Advantages and Disadvantages for High Temperature Applications
V. Kilchytska, L. Vancaillie, K. Meyer, D. Flandre

20. Temperature Dependence of RF Losses in High-Resistivity SOI Substrates
D. Lederer, J.-P. Raskin

21. Review of Radiation Effects in Single and Multiple-Gate SOI MOSFETs
Sorin Cristoloveanu

22. Radiation Effects in SOI: Irradiation by High Energy Ions and Electrons
I.V. Antonova, J. Stano, O.V. Naumova, V.A. Skuratov, V.P. Popov

23. Radiation Characteristics of Short P- Channel MOSFETs on SOI Substrates
A. Evtukh, A. Kizjak, V. Litovchenko, C. Claeys, E. Simoen

24. Total Dose Behavior of Partially Depleted Delecut SOI MOSFETs
O.V. Naumova, A.A. Frantzusov, I.V Antonova, V. P. Popov

25. Radiation Effect on Electrical Properties of Fully-Depleted Unibond SOI MOSFETs
Y. Houk, A. N. Nazarov, V. I. Turchanikov, V. S. Lysenko, S. Adriaensen, D. Flandre

26. Low Cost High Temperature Test System for SOI Devices
G. Russell, Y. Li, H. Bahr

27. Characterization of Carrier Generation in Thin-Film SOI Devices by Reverse Gated-Diode Technique and its Application at High Temperatures
T. E. Rudenko, V. I. Kilchytska, D. Flandre

28. Back-Gate Induced Noise Overshoot in Partially-Depleted SOI MOSFETs
N. Lukyanchikova, N. Garbar, A. Smolanka, E. Simoen, C. Claeys

29. SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors on Insulating Substrates
S. Hall, O. Buiu, I.Z. Mitrovic, H.A.W. Mubarek, P. Ashburn, M. Bain, H.S. Gamble, Y. Wang, P.L.F. Hemment, J. Zhang

30. Silicon-on-Insulator Substrates with Buried Ground Planes (GPSOI)
M. Bain, S. Stefanos, P. Baine, S.H. Loh, M. Jin, J.H. Montgomery, B.M. Armstrong, H.S. Gamble, J. Hamel, D.W. McNeill, M. Kraft, H. Kemhadjian

31. High-Voltage High-Current DMOS Transistor Compatible with High-Temperature Thin-Film SOI CMOS Applications
P. Godignon, M. Vellvehi, D. Flores, J. Millán, L. Moreno Hagelsieb, D. Flandre

32. A Novel Low Leakage EEPROM Cell for Application in an Extended Temperature Range (-40°C Up to 225°C)
S. G. M. Richter, D. Kirsten, D. M. Nuernbergk, S. B. Richter

33. Design, Fabrication and Characterization of SOI Pixel Detectors of Ionizing Radiation
D. Tomaszewski, K. Domanski, P. Grabiec, M. Grodner, B. Jaroszewicz, T. Klatka, A. Kociubinski, M. Koziel, W. Kucewicz, K. Kucharski, S. Kuta, J. Marczewski, H. Niemiec, M. Sapor, M. Szelezniak

34. Polysilicon-on-Insulator Layers at Cryogenic Temperatures and High Magnetic Fields
Anatoly Druzhinin, Inna Maryamova, Igor Kogut, Yuriy Pankov, Yuriy Khoverko, Tomasz Palewski

35. Planar Photomagnetic Effect SOI Sensors for Various Applications with Low Detection Limit
V. N. Dobrovolsky, V.K. Rossokhaty

36. Theoretical Limit for the SiO2 Thickness in Silicon MOS Devices
B. Majkusiak, J. Walczak

37. Compact Model of the Nanoscale Gate-All-Around MOSFET
David Jiménez, Benjamí Iñíguez, Juan José Sáenz, Jordi Suñé, Lluis Francesc Marsal, Josep Pallarès

38. Self-Assembled Semiconductor Nanowires on Silicon and Insulating Substrates: Experimental Behavior
T. I. Kamins, S. Sharma, M. Saif Islam

39. Fabrication of SOI Nano Devices
Xiaohui Tang, Nicolas Reckinger, Vincent Bayot


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