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Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st Century

Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st Century 

Publisher  John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Publication year  2012
Language  en
Edition  1
Imprint  Wiley-TMS
Page amount  300 pages
Category  Material Science
Format  Ebook
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Printing  90 pages with an additional page accrued every 9 hours, capped at 90 pages
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Engineering education is currently on the verge of a major transformation. However, while the need has been much discussed and several proposals for change have been put forward, relatively little focus has been put on actual implementation of the proposed changes. This book examines a program that has a long history of experimentation in engineering education. Written by experts on the subject, it describes specific topics with each chapter focusing on a specific innovation that has been carried out and explaining the educational pedagogy the learning benefit, as well as the transferability of the approach.
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