Delsanto, Pier Paolo

Universality of Nonclassical Nonlinearity

Universality of Nonclassical Nonlinearity


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Table of contents

Part I. The Universality of Nonclassical Nonlinearity

1. Towards a Top-Down Approach in Materials Science
Pier Paolo Delsanto, S. Hirsekorn

2. Nonlinearity and Complexity in Elastic Wave Motion
Franco Pastrone

3. Hierarchies of Waves in Nonclassical Materials
Jüri Engelbrecht, Franco Pastrone, Manfred Braun, Arkadi Berezovski

4. Nonequilibrium Nonlinear Dynamics in Solids: State of the Art
P. A. Johnson

5. Nonlinear Rock Mechanics
G. E. Exadaktylos

6. Universality in Nonlinear Structural Dynamics
Alberto Carpinteri, Nicola Pugno

7. The Evolutionary Advantage of Being Conservative: The Role of Hysteresis
Gian Piero Pescarmona

8. Cancer Growth: A Nonclassical Nonlinear Phenomenon?
C. A. Condat, B. F. Gregor, Y. Mansury, T. S. Deisboeck

9. Seasonality and Harvesting, Revisited
A. J. Banchio, C. A. Condat

10. Nonlinear Dynamical Systems in Economics
Paolo Patelli

Part II. Applications to NDE and Ultrasonics: Models and Numerical Simulations

11. Micropotential Model for Stress–Strain Hysteresis and PM Space
V. Aleshin, K. Abeele

12. Multiscale Approach and Simulations of Wave Propagation and Resonance in Media with Localized Microdamage: 1-D and 2-D Cases
K. Abeele, Sigfried Vanaverbeke

13. Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Nonclassical Effects of Waves, Including Phase Transition Front
Arkadi Berezovski, Jüri Engelbrecht, Gerard A. Maugin

14. The Spectral Analysis of a PM Space Unit in the Context of the Classification of Nonlinear Phenomena in Ultrasonic Wave Propagation
Sigrun Hirsekorn

15. Nonlinear Ultrasonic Transmission Through Thin Bonded Interface: Theoretical Background and Numerical Simulations
S. Hirsekorn, M. Hirsekorn, P. P. Delsanto

16. A LISA Model of the Nonlinear and Hysteretic Response of Interstitial Regions to Applied Stresses
Antonio S. Gliozzi, Matteo Nobili, Marco Scalerandi

17. Numerical Analysis of the Anomalous Elastic Behavior of Hysteretic Media: Quasistatic, Dynamic, and Relaxation Experiments
Marco Scalerandi, Matteo Nobili, Michele Griffa, Antonio S. Gliozzi, Federico Bosia

18. A 2-D Spring Model for the Simulation of Nonlinear Hysteretic Elasticity
Martin Hirsekorn, Antonio Gliozzi, Matteo Nobili, Koen Abeele

19. Nonclassical Nonlinear Dynamics of Solid Surfaces in Partial Contact for NDE Applications
Claudio Pecorari, Igor Solodov

20. Nonlinear Dynamics in Granular Materials
Claes Hedberg, Philippe Martinet

21. Thermally Induced Rate-Dependence of Hysteresis in Nonclassical Nonlinear Acoustics
Vitalyi Gusev, Vincent Tournat

22. Inverse Problems and Genetic Algorithms
Silvia Delsanto, Michele Griffa, Lia Morra

Part III. Experimental Results and Applications

23. Characterization and Imaging of Microdamage Using Nonlinear Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy (NRUS): An Analytical Model
Koen Abeele, Filip Windels

24. Laboratory Experiments using Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy (NEWS): a Precursor to Health Monitoring Applications in Aeronautics, Cultural Heritage, and Civil Engineering
Koen Abeele, Tomasz Katkowski, Nicolas Wilkie-Chancellier, Wendy Desadeleer

25. Nonlinear Elastic Wave Experiments: Learning About the Behaviour of Rocks and Geomaterials
J. A. TenCate, T. J. Shankland, P. A. Johnson

26. Intrinsic Nonlinearity in Geomaterials: Elastic Properties of Rocks at Low Strain
Donatella Pasqualini

27. Nonlinear Acoustic Techniques for NDE of Materials with Variable Properties
Arvi Ravasoo, Andres Braunbrück

28. Nonlinear Elastic Behavior and Ultrasonic Fatigue of Metals
Cleofé Campos-Pozuelo, Christian Vanhille, Juan A. Gallego-Juárez

29. Nonlinear Acoustic NDE: Inherent Potential of Complete Nonclassical Spectra
I. Solodov, K. Pfleiderer, G. Busse

30. Generation Threshold of Subharmonic Modes in Piezoelectric Resonator
A. Alippi, A. Bettucci, M. Germano, D. Passeri

31. An Overview of Failure Modes and Linear Elastic Wave Propagation Damage Detection Methods in Aircraft Structures
Michele Meo, Christophe Mattei

32. Inverse Problem Solution in Acoustic Emission Source Analysis: Classical and Artificial Neural Network Approaches
Zdenek Prevorovsky, Milan Chlada, Josef Vodicka


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